Mini Hydro Dam electricity

I may be biased in this debate but this is my opinion.Solar energy is overrated and Hydro energy is virtually unknown.Hydro dams are very useful especially in tropical Africa as there are many rivers streams and even lakes to harness water pressure to turn electro magnets.The part of hydro power is that it's inexpensive compared to diesel solar or geothermal power.Hydro power 3848076033?profile=RESIZE_710x3848076629?profile=RESIZE_710x

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  • Kala, free energy or zero point energy is another low cost option.

  • Solar energy is a big scam to make money off of gullible people.When you look at the cost and maintenance it doesn't add up 

  • Solar Energy is good for smaller electrical Applications.  Solar power is just not consistent & reliable & initial cost can skyrocket a little bit.   Hydro Electricity is great for long term industrial applications.  Hydro is very consistent do not have to worry much about loss of power.  So I would definitely take Hydro over Solar.

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