Our healthcare will provide comprehensive care using evidence-based medicine and modern technology for preventative care, diagnosis and treatment plans. The health professionals will include doctors and medical staff that are associated with diseases and conditions, tests and procedures, drugs and supplements. Our goal is to have a world class medical system that contributes to health and well-being by providing the best care to every patient through integrated clinical practice, education and research.

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  • For us, stolen Afrikans,(Its a fact that we have been stolen, look up El Mina dungeons and Calabar), there were no such thing as Medicine for profit. Many Stolen afrikans as professionals have a regressive and greedy mindset when it comes to healthcare. In example, in our Igbo ancestral traditions, just using sonic technology was a answer to problems.
  • Mental health is necessary for us as a Nation to address so that we will not leave a legacy of useless people who were to frail to think and to create solutions for our survival. Love is Always Present.
  • Hi all! My name is Eric, 27, live in Denver-Metro area, CO and I am a research and evaluation coordinator for a health equity-focused community health organization. I’m less than a year from my MPH and will be working on creating data-driven community health programs to tackle various health issues.

    I would like to eventually move to Africa (West or East) but while in the US I will cultivate my skills and build my toolbelt to create proactive (preventative) community health programs to promote community engagement & good health and wellbeing.

    If anyone is also in the Public Health work and is interested in community spaces, let’s talk about making some potential plans on how Afrikstan’s community can build health into its built environment, educational system, & public events and operations.

    • I’m so sorry for the late reply. I’ve heard some of your YouTube videos and you are a PA, right? I don’t have a clinical background so I like that we have diverse skill sets. I’m working more closely with local health clinics at the moment and I think we should create a framework for what health infrastructure would look like in Afrikstan. Even at the community level. Let’s me know if that sounds worthwhile brainstorming. Thanks sister.
    • Yes the most important part of any infrastructure is the healthcare system.Hospital and clinical and medical.
  • Prior to pursuing education I worked over 10 years in the Mental Health field, I have a BA in Psychology and an MS in counseling.
    • We have the same education! Would you be interested in organizing something around mental health.
    • We need your education and insight to one day help build our mental healthcare systems
    • Good evening, I would like to know how to set up a blog to discuss mental healthcare systems
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