BAIO S.T.E.M Stands for the Black Afrikan Infrastructure Organization's Science Technology Engineering and Math Institute.This is a think tank of individuals and professionals,who are blueprinting future African American settlements in Africa and beyond.Please do not post anything in this group that is not pertaining to science and nation building in here.Also there will be no racist language,or counterproductive post.We urge people who are interested in one day working and living in Africa to bring more people into the STEM group.We are looking for a civil and mechanical engineer to join this group.Thank you.

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  • Blessings to everyone
  • Greetings Mr. Yaa kwelism...

    I have a few years experience in the whole house automation industry as a software engineer. The home automation industry, from an engineering perspective, is very challenging, but also a lot of fun and rewarding. This type of project, from an engineering perspective, blows the complexity of home automation industry out of the water. This is pure speculation. I don't yet have a thorough. understanding of all of the different features involved in this type of concept. Nonetheless, this type of project is definitely intriguing to implement due to the potentially overwhelming complexity of the challenge.
  • greetings BAIO stem family. I have a question about people's vision of an example SMART CITY/SMART TERRITORY. I would like to hear people's ideas.
  • hey hey. just joined the BAIO STEM group. I live in Tennessee
  • Peace everyone!!! I look forward to working with you all!!!
  • Does the "Alesca Life" or OpenAg model work for us? ... as a multi-site Pan-African project?
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