The Doozers are a race of characters from Fraggle Rock who LOVE to work and build hard infrastructures.

Greetings Sistas and Brothas!

The objective of this group is to bring all skilled trades, and people who want to get into these skilled trades together, so we can network, and brainstorm on how to master our trade skills. 

In the future, we can start a skilled trades training system like the union here in the U.S.

Skilled Trades workers will be the hard, dirty hands, pioneers and builders of our own nation and a tangible & concrete black community.

Cement Mason
Geothermal Heating Technician
Heavy Equipment Operator
Rig Technician
Formwork Technician
Collision Repair Technician
Crane Operator
Automotive Service Technician
Industrial Instrument Mechanics
Millwright Dock builders
Ironworkers and Plumbers

are some of the skilled trades we are reaching out to. Feel free to respond back to let us know your thoughts on this.


Kawun Enen TanqaZH (is our salvation)

25 Doozers
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  • Doozers, what international markets should us Afrikstanu/afrikstani electricians look at, if we all desire to work outside the U.S.? Besides afrika, I would look at australia, some cities in china, or south korea.
  • This is whats up.We have a lot of electricians in the BAIO. I will be glad to share experiences and knowledge as well. Not as skilled though. Ive only been in the trade going on for 4 years and Im in the FEAT program down here in FL.
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