Last week I was honored to be a guest on Search for Uhuru radio show.LIN Land Infrastructure and Nationhood as a concept is finally taking off.No other ideology will work.Infrastructure is about power.Who controls what we see, where we go,the quality of life,our protection,comfort and vitality.Infrastructure and the perfection of infrastructure is 90% of what all governments and policy makers do.The Black race has little or poor infrastructure.In order for you to have infrastructure you need land.A base of operations that you control.On that land building infrastructure and maintaining and expanding and controlling that infrastructure allows for a people to become a community locally and a nation nationally.Poor infrastructure leads to the disfunction of the state.It creates breeches and vulnerabilities.Because we do not live under a common land and infrastructure there is no community.There is no we,there is no us.I stress that we should have a Afrikstan or Afrikan homeland to build this infrastructure so we can have a global pipeline linking Black America to Africa and beyond.This in one generation will solve 80% of the problems we face.So we at the BAIO need people with skills who are ready to build.It wont be easy.As I said in the broadcast there will be challenges,trials and tribulations.Out of which a new nation and civilization will emerge.

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  • This is a fantastic analysis and insight! The truth of your statement is so correct and on point that it's not even funny! I am shocked that the majority of ormpeople refuse to acknowledge that power only respects and concedes to power It is not until we return to our African Fatherland and build our black Qatar's, Dubai's, NEOMS, KAEC and the advanced military apparatus to defend them that the African man and woman gain global respect! 

  • I'll be sure to check out the podcast. Again, great and valid points made about owning land and building practical infrastructure for functional (and recreational) living. To support your statements, I'd like to share a personal observation with BAIO members. I read and study a lot of books and publications about infrastructure development, urban planning and design, architecture, real estate development, and other relative information concerning future plans. What's scary is that almost all of the pictorial information and graphics never seem to include our people as assured representatives of future populations. Now, for most people, that may seem insignificant, even trifling. But "image is everything", and if the reader does not see him or herself being projected within the all of the context of these good things about the future, it sends conflicting messages to the brain-computer. Therefore, the LIN Concept should, and will compensate for these types of exclusions. Are these actions intentional? Who knows...but for the sake of helping ourselves create new opportunities for our future, the LIN Concept is about the best thing going. Nothing of value that is unquestionably wortht of attaining will ever come easy. China and its history was very complex, and included many challenges. But look at what they and other struggling Asian nations havehovercome and are doing for themselves today, not to mention the multitude of opportunities they will engage in the future.

    I fully agree: LIN is freedom, justice, and civilization. 

    • Thank you brother and I am ready to summit a proposal so please call me on Saturday I need your notes.

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