nationhood (3)

America is a sovereign republic.This means it has recognized dominion over specific land sea and air space.That control also means the laws of the republic supersede any agreement happening on its soil.The Black man in America does not control soil.Nations are built on the blood of ones enemies.No nation came into being without wars.The Black man in America had the chance to build a nation in Africa with Liberia but chose to identify with the White man's republic,even though it was clear he would never be treated as an equal here.Imagine if the Black man had colonized Africa in mass building modern states?Only a real enemy of Black people will say we had just as much right to America as White people.The same people are now complaining about racism.Black people were warned as far back as 1644 that America was their graveyard.The Back to Africa movement was not about quitting civilization and modernity as the detractors say,it was always about building a life and redeeming ourselves from bondage.It has come down to this.The people who are talking nation within a nation are the people who lack intelligence and confidence in our people.They still believe they need Massa to survive.The BAIO has laid out plans from A to Z and have answered all of the questions pertaining to nationhood.There is no more excuse.Either you want freedom and control over your destiny of not.

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The whole basis for the Black Afrikan Infrastructure Organization LIN Land Infrastructure and Nationhood.On a micro scale you need land infrastructure and then you have a community,town,city,village.Ours is on a much grander scale.This blog is an attempt visualize the components of each pillar.

Land......Is the negotiating of territory on the African continent with a willing host African nation.Such land only needs between 3000-40,000 square miles of undeveloped land.

Infrastructure........Is the logistics and development of the land.The Hard Infrastructure are the roads,ports,powerlines,railways,communications,sewer and water treatment ect.The Soft Infrastructure are the Hospital and Medical networks,police,prisons,fire dept,the warehousing,transportation systems,waste management,schools,courts,institutions,governments.

Nationhood.....are the people working in conjunction to maintain the infrastructure,expand it.This forges unity,togetherness,cooperation,bonds,patriotism.

The Nation State will function as a safe haven for people of African descent wishing to build a free society of their own.

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