Nationhood is more than just territory.

What I mean is we know Africa is 12 million square miles.All of which were formed as geo political entities by Europeans.The current borders are only maintained to keep colonial influence in place.There are no real Black/Afrikan nationstates.African armies were never designed to fight external threats as real nation states.They are there only to suppress the population.Not speaking for BAIO but myself........I do  not respect the borders because I do not have any borders of my own.90% of Africa is unoccupied.If a land does not have infrastructure or people it is open for settlement.This is why we will compromise with a willing host government.There are some who know the benefit of having skilled educated hard working people settling in their proximity.God made the land not man.No one owns the land,it is what you can hold..Culture of a people,common history,heritage,language are the glue that keeps a nation together.Not some artificial boundary running through many adverse populations of people.

We at the BAIO think presenting ourselves to a host African nation as partners is the civilized thing to do.We will not back off of that.We want the right to govern ourselves,set our own agenda and bring the might of our intelligence to this new reality in Africa.Going someplace and not being able to advance because some people think we should continue a culture of powerlessness,but under African rule is insane.Africa will never develop until the slave trade is reversed and we have a state and representation in Africa.Asia is interconnected globally.Africans unfortunately abandoned real Pan Africanism for tribalism,ethnonationalism,and fiefdom. 

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    • Im confused about LaQuay being removed like that. I realize that he was being a bit over the top with his comments in the examples he was using and his sarcastic approach, but he raised very good points that i have yet see to see considered anywhere else here. How we will be received on the ground, how the populations would interpret our arrival and existence, how far will the host government actually back us if it comes to a land dispute, what reasons a land dispute would occur, what we can do to better integrate with our continental family while protecting ourselves.

      We're going to need familiarity with the customs of whatever tribes we will be surrounded by or conflict is inevitable; a basic understanding of a tribal/continental perspective is obviously invaluable for negotiations and policy formulation. Or are we just going to walk in there ignorant and not even give a second thought to any tribal continental way of life?

      While I did not completely agree with the things he was saying I think it plays right into his hand to be deleting his posts and kicking him to shut him up rather than counter and disprove his points and misunderstandings. Especially after he uses cliqueish and dictorial to describe his feelings here. We all know we're not going to conquer but does everyone else? Maybe they consider certain things to be conquering that we don't believe is. Are we not going to consider that?

      I also think it sets a bad precedent for anyone else who has points to bring up that would lead to a heated discussion. If we disagree with something but agree with the principals in whole should we just leave rather than try to talk it out and come to a conclusion? Will we come back on to find ourselves removed as well? It just seems like an odd way to deal with it knowing that others might be put off from speaking their mind from fear of being removed.
      • I think he was being disrespectful and he tried to recruit members in the group to his organization right out the gate. His was distracting and I'm glad he's gone.

        • Yes let those who follow him go.We have to stay focused on our goals and mission.

      • This reply was deleted.
        • What do you mean by we are not here to debate ? Isn't that the reason why everyone is speaking and sharing ideas? To have it debated so it can be modified into something applicable? How can we ever make any solid plans if we're not allowed to debate over them to know what to fix? I hope your not saying that we're to accept whatever we're told and to shut up about it regardless of what we think cuz that's what it sounds like. Also I'm not sure about what blueprints and strategies your talking about? Yes he did ask what we planned to do but anyone new to this group is obviously going to ask what we're about, just as I did on my first post I pretty much ask exactly that and it's even called "the game plan". Plus I also haven't spoken to anyone before posting that because not one person responded to any of my posts in the groups, as I wrote in my last post a well. So if your implying that he was some sort of spy i think your reaching. He didn't agree with our plan from a continental perspective which is understandable when he hears "Trojan horse" being used wanted to know what we plan on doing with this "Trojan horse" and whether we've even considered half the shit he brought up. So instead of being able to explain why our position is the correct one and counter his arguments about borders vs no borders, state vs no state and everything else I wrote above we just get mad and kick him? If we can't even debate and support our ideology against one person and have to resort to getting rid of him because we can't answer him what are we going to do with the ones we can't delete and have no choice but to convince them in order to reach our goals. It shows weakness in our resolve and ability to defend what we stand for. I understand we have people on the ground as you guys keep saying but where is their group? Where's their forum? Where are there posts? Why aren't they discussing our approach to tribal regulations, community integration and etc. Why is this random guy able to come here and bring up all these things that I don't see anything about in the group forums and no one seems to be able to explain? If we do have people on the ground shouldn't someone have posted about any of these things? why is this the first time im reading that government regulation might not be enforced by said government over any tribal laws? Obviously having people on the ground doesnt matter too much if they haven't even brought these things up. I don't feel it was handled very well at all and you can kick me for saying it.
      • I was not done easily.We gave him a chance.We had an administration meeting and after a day of debate,we decided since he was being unruly and disrespectful to the BAIO,its Mission and to an administrator he had to go.First of all he came in spamming and soliciting for funds without authorization.BAIO is striving to be a transparent open honest organization.We believe in our people.LaQuay accused me of hating Africans,a lie,wanting to conquer Africa another lie.He made character assassinations against myself and BAIO.He was trying to bully and intimidate his way to relevance which is typical of the Hotep Negroes out here.Not on BAIO.This is an open forum.I asked him to contribute and share what he can bring to the organization.Instead he want to tell us what is wrong with us?No not having it.

        • I will admit he was being a bit belligerent but spamming and soliciting funds? character assassinations against the BAIO? bullying and intimidation!? What are you talking about? He had an obvious problem with you since your labelled the first step of the plan to be a Trojan horse, which would automatically make the host nation the enemy that we're "conquering" since that's who were would be "trojanning". It's easy after that point to think you hate Africans if your going to Trojan horse them. That doesn't make it a lie or character assassination from his or even my point of view. If he accuses you of trying to trick the host nation and steal their land after saying "Trojan Horse" regarding someone else's land your gonna have to defend and explain that and understand what that means to someone else. You say he was spamming but I only saw one post of soliciting funds, which he said he got a message about and I've never seen another one since. I feel like what happened is that because you had a problem with him and what he was saying you spoke to some other dudes and told them to kick him cuz you didn't like him. If you guys really had an administration meeting and debated about kicking him you shouldn't have even been there because as an administrator there's a conflict of interest. Your biased for kicking him since you obviously made the request and you were directly involved in the altercation. So pretty much the same result would have been reached whether you debated or not, since you as an administrator was able to not only argue your case but also vote on it. So how could it have not been done easily if you were there the whole time to make sure it goes through? I hate being lied to and this stinks of backroom politics.
          • Anyone who suggest that BAIO is trying to conquer a host nation through deception will be removed from this forum.It is up to members to use common sense and intelligence and see what we are talking about.A Trojan Horse analysis comes from the fact that Africans are by nature xenophobic.And you cannot just come in with your plans right away.You have to already be their in good spirit helping and building with them.The fact that someone would use this and pervert it to make it seem like BAIO  means Africa harm shows they are trying to discredit the BAIO and will be removed.

        • Maybe I missed something. I only saw one post. And when did y'all have a meeting? Who participated cause I've asked several times for some sort of who got what position for the paperwork. This situation does not vibe well with me. I would rather do something else. This is ridiculous and reminds me of high school. Delete me. Remove me from this group. I can't.
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                • I would have to say this. I've been thinking about it all day. It's not really about this particular instance per se. It's about the mindset it exposes. I understand that you do not want people to come in and derail or distract from the mission. However, sometimes it is good not to be surrounded by yes men/women. A voice that questions is good if you want to learn and grow. This may not be the Iowa caucus, but is it a monarchy or dictatorship? If that is the case, and you delete Sistah Sanchez, please delete me as well. I think I understand where ya'll coming from, but instead of spending so much effort disputing, you could try to find the common ground. It's diplomacy. We're going to need that regardless of where we go. I'm serious, if you delete her or anyone else because they disagree I'm out. 

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          • Why do you think we have not researched this?We have a team of specialist researching this for two years now.You are being so presumptuous for someone who knows nothing about the BAIO

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