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Oceanfront Bar & Grill Restaurant Beach Land For Sale In Monrovia, Liberia 🇱🇷!


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+231 886 201180

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Happy Presidents Birthday! March 15th!

Urgent Message To The Government Of the Republic of Liberia:

Emphasis on the Ministries of State; Foreign Affairs; Information, Cultural Affairs, and Tourism; Finance and Development Planning; Commerce and Industry; Education; and Internal Affairs.

"Using Strategic Holidays as opportunity for convening International Pan African and related Seminars, Conferences, and Exhibitions in Business, Commercial Trade, Industry, Governance & Intellectual Exchanges, as well as General Arts & Culture for the purpose of establishing Partnerships for Sustainable Development and Intercontinental Pan African Nationhood Building".


March 15th Annually should be designated generally as National Presidents Birthday in honor of all past Presidents, to reflect and commemorate their individual and collective achievements in Domestic as well as International Affairs. Commensurately, said date must be used to emphasize and celebrate the achievements of the Constitution of the Republic of Liberia, highlighting it's strategic role in preserving the history and culture of Pan African Sovereignty for reserving exclusive rights and access to Pan African descendants only to become Citizens and own Real Estate Land within the Republic of Liberia.

Whereas, November 29th Annually should be used strategically for the celebration of LIBERIA's contributions to the freedom and advancement of the global Pan African Constituency, ranging from the fight against the Transatlantic Slave Trade, Constitutional Slavery, Racial & Civil Injustice, Colonialism, and Apartheid. Considering that the era or period of the administration of W. V. S. Tubman constitutes most of the period in which the freedom struggle against colonialism in Africa was successful, and the establishment of the OAU/AU and African Development Bank was achieved, November 29th represents a good date of an existing Holiday that must be capitalized upon.

Rather than wasting such strategic opportunities of National Holidays of Sustainable Tourism and Development value, by simply engaging in widespread alcoholism, substance abuse, and related social distractions, such illustrious holidays in the life of the Pan African Capital of the World; the Republic of Liberia, should be used to aid our Nation Building process by the international convenance of the greatest thinkers and most successful progressives among our global constituency within the Republic of Liberia.

Such convenance must strategically be for the purpose of Enhanced Integrated Framework and Strategic Partnerships building while reflecting, commemorating, brainstorming, planning, and celebrating individual and collective Pan African progress.

Furthermore, the Awards of the Humane Order for African Redemption and such related National honors thereof must become integrated into the celebrations for such strategic holidays as March 15th and November 29th.

As a strategic and sustainable Tourism Development consultant and a student of Pan Africanism and World History, am of the belief that the Republic of Liberia remains a "World Heritage Nation", in honor of our strategic contributions to the fight against the Transatlantic Slave Trade, Constitutional Slavery, Racial & Civil Injustice, Colonialism and Apartheid, and Universal Human Rights as well as being a founding member State of the United Nations.

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With all due respect, the Republic of Liberia was founded by African American repatriate Nationals and indigenous Africans, who mutually agreed to and did establish a Constitution which gives exclusive rights to citizenship and land ownership only to people of African descent irrespective of our place of birth. Thus, the Republic of Liberia became and remains home to the world's first 10 African American Presidents before Barrack Obama.

I once posted on my previous Facebook page which got censored and deleted by Facebook, that if the United States Elite pro European class was indeed the more civilized and advanced in foreign diplomacy and International Relations for multiethnic advancement, then by now the United States government would have been celebrating the Independence Day of the Republic of Liberia as a national US holiday for decades, in support of universal civil liberties and fundamental human rights.

An act in itself that would have further amended race relations internationally and done more to neutralize toxic race relations globally, even more than any reparations targeting African Americans can.

Historically, and forevermore, Liberia represents the sum Total and evident light at the end of the tunnel of Pan African and Black struggle against the Transatlantic Slave Trade, Constitutional Slavery and Racial Injustice universally, & Colonialism and Apartheid in Africa.

Furthermore, if pro European Constituencies truly embrace universal fundamental human rights, then the Republic of Liberia must become celebrated universally at July 26th of each year, as a World Heritage Nation worthy of conservation and strategic globally competitive and Sustainable Tourism Development.

Now instead of waiting on those INGOs such as UNESCO, WTO, UNWTO, and Etc, it's time for the BAIO and it's partners to capitalize upon this failure or delayed action on the part of world leaders, to take action to advance the noble course of the future and vision of the Republic of Liberia and it's intercontinental Pan African Constituency, for which the Constitution of the Republic of Liberia stands.

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The Liberianization policy for private and public sector development in the West African Republic of Liberia must also imply Pan Africanization!

LIBERIA's Constitutional heritage, legacy, and vision represents the world's first Pan African Republic and Sovereignty, which gives exclusive rights only to Pan Africans to become citizens of and own real estate Land in Liberia.

LIBERIA's Story Matters to the Intercontinental Pan African Constituency!

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Prime Real Estate Land For Sale! Affordable and Negotiable!

Over 100 Acres of Prime Airport Residential Land For Sale, and Bordering the Farmington River. Boe District, Charlesville Township, Roberts International Airport Residential Community.

$5000 USD Per Each One Lot of Land ...

Kindly Click On Link To Watch Full Video Ad.

WhatsApp 24/7:



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Welcome To Excerpts From The Series Titled:

"The Liberia Sustainable Tourism Development Project"

This shared link to a video promoting the Kpatawee Waterfalls, Located in Suakoko, Bong County, Monrovia-Liberia. Approximately 1 hour 30 minutes drive from Roberts International Airport.

Video is by kind courtesy of Ms. Josephine Richards.

For further information, please reach out to the Tourism Association of Liberia [TAL].

WhatsApp 24/7:



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PASNET-Tourism Development Industrialization Consultancy has been newly appointed as Managing Consultants of a 100 Acres Agri-Tourism business called "Mangrove Paradise Island Farm".

The Island is located at Paynesville City, Du-port Road, 10 minutes canoe ride along the Du River, and just 30 minutes drive from Roberts International Airport.

We currently grow fruits [Pineapples, Cherries, and also plan to grow a variety of mixed vegetables], and offer some Tourism Nature Experience, including the following:

1. Bird Watching
2. Monkeys Observation
3. Butterflies Watching
4. Game Fishing
5. Canoe Riding
6. Traditional Hospitality
7. Organic Food & Beverages
8. Arts & Crafts Exhibition
9. Aquaculture [Tilapia Fish Production], Etc.

Hopefully, you all can assist us in sourcing investment partnership for this Agri-Tourism Business Project.

God Bless 😇🙏.

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Introducing The Tourism Association of Liberia [TAL]!

Initially, TAL was setup to be a Non-profit Tourism Development Agency, comprising primarily of development professionals to serve as private and public sector Consultants for Liberia's re-emerging Tourism Development Industry.

While still maintaining and fulfilling the above goal, the TAL is currently in the process of restructuring and reorganizing, thus seeks fresh new enthusiasts and partners to remodel its functional role as a pro business NGO which facilitates Investment Sourcing and Partnerships, as well as still provides Technical Consultancy support to new and exciting tourism development and related projects in Liberia.

Our present focus is on the following seven thematic areas:

1. Sustainable Tourism & Travel

2. Agriculture and Aquaculture

3. Renewable Energy

4. Technology & Communications

5. Real Estate Development

6. Education [Promoting Volun-Tourism]

7. Health [Promoting Volun-Tourism]

All interested Partners and Consultants please contact the WhatsApp Number below:



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As "The Liberia Tourism Project", a flagship project jointly of the Government of Liberia, International Trade Center, UNWTO, and Enhanced Integrated Framework progresses, it remains expedient for us all to continue to project and exude a positive PR image of the Republic of Liberia.

By the standard heritage, legacy, and vision of the original Constitution of the Republic of Liberia, there is no greater image of Liberia than that of it being "Pan African Capital of the World"! The Mecca indeed, if not that factual Wankada of the global Pan African Community and Constituency.

Special respect goes out to the memory of the Republic's Founding Fathers of Indigenous Africans, African Americans, and Afro Caribbean heritage who came together void of any discrimination irrespective of place of birth and by Divine Providence provided a haven and sovereignty exclusively for Pan Africans, where only people of African descend can own landed property, and become legal citizens. What illustrious accomplishment right in the face of the Transatlantic Slave Trade, Slavery Itself, colonialism, and Apartheid, which combined to plague the era of our ancestors. Today neocolonialism and the more subversive globalization still deliberately serves to sabotage any comprehensive strategic Pan African progress. Let it be known here, that in order for we Pan Africans to advance rapidly and succeed more sustainably, the complete Pan Africanization of the nation building process of all Intercontinental States of the Afro Caribbean region, Haiti, and the Continent of Africa remains imperative...

Furthermore, the Sustainable Tourism Industry with its comprehensive and strategic linkages to all sectors and subsectors of the global economy must be utilized deliberately and aggressively as the catalyst industry and service tool, by which we Pan Africans reintegrate and consolidate our global constituency for the purpose of sustainable livelihood and wealth creation, while developing Africa's resources and building infrastructure with an accent on advancing a modern blue-green circular economy of scale.

God willing, Africa, the cradle of human civilization can and shall become the blue-green development and industrial paradise of the 21st century.

Compliments of Black History Month Continues!


By Mr. Ras Newon Sei Dunbar I,

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