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Guiding Principles.........................Any principles or precepts that guide an organization throughout its life in all circumstances, irrespective of changes in its goalsstrategies, type of work, or the top management.

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BAIO is not an organization seeking to lead anyone.BAIO has certain guiding principles that we want to share with our people.The core of BAIO can be summed up into three words....Land,which means we believe we should have a homeland in Africa that we control.Infrastructure...means the systems of life that makes a modern state function,such as industry,governance,roads,schools,hospitals,railways,ports,energy ect.Nationhood....meaning we define who we are,and we select who can join us,our customs,morays,norms,traditions,holidays,folk music,religion,heroes and heroins.Nationhood means we can decide should we be a people defined by a common set of traditions,historical background or should we use modern pluralism and sociology to redefine who we are.

We believe that African Americans are homogeneous culturally.But we are diverse as far as ideology.BAIO wants to build consensuses as to what kind of new nation we envision.This social network will give people the idea of what an Afrikstan will look like.BAIO believe that the Black Family is the nucleus of any nation.That family is defined and one husband one wife joined together in holy matrimony.The seeds from that union is our most precious jewels.Creating prosperous families means building a great nation.

BAIO believes age old ides of honor,trust,loyalty,hard work,ethics,brotherhood and the golden rule are core guiding principles to unite and build a nation that will rise and be a model for the world.

BAIO believe in human rights and dignity.Liberty and justice for all men.Words matched by deeds.That the dignity of all men regardless of race or faith should be respected.

BAIO Believes also in democratic principles.Democracy is indigenous to African values.BAIO does not believe in tyrants,bullies,despots or injustice being inflicted on any human being.

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Many people have asked just what is BAIO? What is an Afrikstan?

BAIO is a Geopolitical organization of Afrikan American and Afrikan Diasporan descendants of the TransAtlantic Slave Trade. Our condition is tied to the legacy of slavery and genocide of Afrikan people in North America and the Afrikan Diaspora.

BAIO along with some of the most powerful bloggers in Black America and the diaspora will make the case that it is time for landless sons and daughters of Mother Afrika to have self determination. We believe self determination means self rule and government. The only place this can happen is in Africa. It is time for us to come back home.

Since this network is secure we can talk frank and open.

We are currently pursuing negotiations with African governments, Angola in particular.

This will require participation and brainstorming of our most educated our intelligentsia and our academic elite. We will organize our people for this mission. We hope to have the first people on the ground by next summer. We want to create an non reversible situation as we send pioneers to the continent. Building settlements and proclaiming Afrikstan will be the enduring goad to our national salvation!

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