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Dyllann Roof has many supporters in his corner.In just two weeks a million dollars was raised for his defense.The President of the US chimed in at the funeral of the 9 victims of the massacre.Reverend Al Sharpton was initially told to stay out of Charleston SC.But the most interesting thing coming out of this massacre at the AME Church was not the protest,nor was it the fact that this murderer was given Burger King when taken into custody,it was not the sympathetic judge who was removed from the case,the one that called Dylann's family victims.It was not even the support from the racist around the country for this boy.The most shocking thing was the immediate downplaying the tragedy as a race induced call to arms.Forget Ferguson,and other places,this should have been the line in the sand.

But guess what?The skillful media and these Black sycophants posing as leaders intercepted the righteous Black rage and anger and arrested it and gave a line of credit and parole to the criminal justice system.In other words they used our Christian ways to pacify us and surrender our anger and wanting justice to them.What we have in Black America is a continuation of slavery.Four Marines were killed in Tennessee last month and I did not see the forgiving White Christians coming out.Not did I see any talk about forgiveness for the Boston Bomber.It is only forgiveness in the sick Black White Conundrum called the New South.

This week the prosecution,in an historic moment ignored the slave sick mentality of the Black community calling and begging to spare that Blond haired boys life and will seek the Death Penalty.This is ground breaking.Black leaders and churches have shown that they are uncivilized and incapable of making intelligent decisions to protect themselves and the Black community.It think just like in Portsmouth Va where a Police Officer was indicted on First Degree Murder charges in the killing of a Black youth,I think people in the Law enforcement community believe Black people wont cooperate with the quest for justice,so justice has to do it for them.

Dylann Roof deserves to die.The nine victims were not even cold in the ground before the slavemaster loving Negroes were forgiving,and saying Dylann wont make them hate and they forgive him.It seems many cherry pick scriptures in the Bible to justify their coonery,slave mentality and ignorance.People like this both Black and White will tell you that"WE ARE NOT GOING TO LET SOME KILLER RUIN OUR COMMUNITY"I will ask,"Just what are you trying to protect with White people?"A facade and farce of a racial harmony community?This is what writer Richard Wright referred to when he called Black America"Sick"

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The Strategy of Avoidance.Black Separatism

The strategy of avoidance ........ Many Pseudo Black Nationalist are masters of the art of the avoidance.Their ideology is inline with the White supremacist ideology because they through their Black supremacy, absent, land, infrastructure and a power base is perpetuating Black submission to White  domination.It often appears as black "black Power" .But is posses no threat to the White system.The biggest compromise by the so called black separatist avoidist, interracial marriage.While is making the cl aim that the reason they are against interracial marriage is the Black Family.And that is what gives them legitimacy.But careful observation by me and  my research  that I have done,  has revealed that the main reason for opposition to interracial marriage, was the fear of the White man, and the belief in White purity and White female chastity.I am no fan of interracial marriage, but I question the Black separatist motives of preserving the so called Black family when there is 70% Black out of wedlock birth.Black marriage is failing.Black women have the highest abortion rate and HIV rate.Black separatist want a little space inside the White man's country that he claims it is his.But he looks around and he is more poor, powerless, isolated in his so called community, while Asians, Arabs, Whites ect suck the revenue out infront of him.Truth is the Black Nationalist is a coward.He tried to be a good Negro to the White man and he is still lost, as his own community rejects him

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LIN Land Infrastructure Nationhood

The Black Afrikan Infrastructure Group is based on a few core principles.The most important of them, or the foundation that,enables all others are three things.LIN........LAND INFRASTRUCTURE AND NATIONHOOD............Land is the main goal of BAIO.Without land we can never really be a real people.Without land your beliefs,religions,values,desires,ideologies are void.It is land that produces wealth.It is land that produces a people,culture,traditions,language,kinship.We must have a land of our own, on African soil.

Infrastructure.........this is the building of the land,its roads,borders,railways,ports airports,logistics,government,laws,systems of life,schools,media,health care,money,commerce,immigration laws,prisons.

Nationhood........the nation means the people.Nation defines who we are.Nation means a common origin,heritage,future.Self determination of a people.All people have a right to define themselves as a nation.We at BAIO declare that African Americans primarily and anyone of African descent in the diaspora being victims of the horrible Trans Atlantic Slave trade to be a nation in captivity.We proclaim our right to our own soil.

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Own A Home In Just 4 Years

Evergreen started this unique home-buyers program three years ago. Today, nearly half of its worker-owners have purchased homes through the program. Home ownership was unlikely for them before; many have bad credit or criminal records. Cedeño simply couldn’t afford the traditional route, which would have meant a down payment—and debt. “I didn’t want to have debts so large,” he explains, “so this opportunity came, and I took advantage of it.”
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NWA and the end of the innocence of Hip Hop

I had a conversation with a White guy who is a Hip hop fanatic from back in the day.What he said confirmed my long suspicions.He told me that NWA tip the balance and control of Hip Hop to White America.He told me before they came out Hip Hop had pro black themes that White people did not monetize on any large scale.After NWA, the Rap Industry saw the writing on the wall, little Billy in Kansas is buying reality rap or gangster rap, but not Tribe Call Quest. Along comes PDiddy to answer the void.And then he gave us Biggie, the rest is history.What started as something for Black and Latino youths in America was effecting youth around the world.Now after 25 years of Gangster rap, real Hip hop break dancing is only seen outside of America.

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Israel is a Jewish state.The world Jewish diaspora supports the state of Israel.I ask why isn't there one state,that protects and gives sanctuary to those Africans in the diaspora?We at the Black African Infrastructure Organization believe that,those of us who are victims of the horrible Atlantic slave trade should have a homeland in the land of our ancestors.No amount of assimilation is going to change the low status of the African America or any Black group suffering in the diaspora,until one state is created as a base of operations for them.Right now most African states are artificially created around Western holdings and interest.These interest impede and stifle Black Afrikan Unity.

Pan Africanism is the natural culture that came out of slavery and oppression among people living outside of Africa.In other words to the Africans in the West,it is commonly agreed to that Black is Black.An Afrikstan while giving special consideration to the landless ex slaves,will still offer refuge to any Black African bringing talent,skills,knowledge,investment and goodwill.Such ideology will be written into the constitution as a CORE VALUE.

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Straight out of a Minstrel Show

As an African American my history is hidden from the world.My past history in Africa and the many great things my people accomplished in America.I will never see a movie on Marcus Garvey,Mansa Musa.But I will see dozens of movies on Spartacus,Julius Ceasar,Marco Polo,Lincoln ect.I will see a movie about some rap group from Compton but never a movie about the Exodus of 1878 aboard the Bark Azor ship.But I will see a slave movie.

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Afrikstan/Nation State FAQ........

Nation= A people with a common culture,heritage,race,future and purpose.

State=The Land Infrastructure Constitution 

Nation State=The social contract between the state(sovereign land) and the nation(citizens)

Responsibility of the State=Governance,policy,laws,safety and security,infrastructure,taxes,education,health care,borders,interior,themes and holidays

Responsibility of the Citizens=Civic duties,raising families,traditions,values,obeying laws,allegiance to the state's sovereignty,

electing public servants,paying taxes.


Afrik=Black Afrikan Slave Descendants

Stan=Land,or where we stand,ex Pakistan,Bantustan,Afghanistan,ect

Afrikstani=A citizen of Afrikstan.

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American Exceptionalism?Myth or Reality

Is America exceptional?Well lets compare it to its historical rival in the Far East Japan.During the Meji Era in the mid 19th century,Japan became the first non white nation to industrialize and become a modern republic equal to the West.Japan in later years used war to expand its holdings in Asia.After Japan's defeat in WW2,Japan decided to use peaceful methods to expand in Asia.
Meantime the USA was consumed with a Cold War farce that caused proxy wars in Asia,Latin America,Africa.In the Western hemisphere an embargo on Cuba meant no development for 50 years.South of the US Mexico is in extreme poverty,so is Central America and the Caribbean.Where is the"exceptional"about America?
Now lets look at how Japan developed Asia over the last 60 years.In 1955 a conference in Indonesia called the Bandung Conference,which brought most of the third world together to discuss a plan of liberation.With Japan as the lead Asia is now the world economic hub.But look at the countries of Latin America under America's watch,Puerto Rico is falling into an abyss along with the whole hemisphere except Brazil.

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BAIO Infrastructure???FAQ

There are a few things people ask me about what do we mean about an infrastructure.Well as brother Holipsism explained before.There are two types of infrastructure,neither do we have in America.Hard Infrastructure and soft Infrastructure.Hard Infrastructure is the foundation of sustainable living.Water system,electricity,roads,ports,airports,ect.Soft Infrastructure is your security,governance,hospitals,fire and rescue,traffic laws,courts,businesses,warehousing,logistics,construction,engineering,schools,universities,labor groups.

One of the main things when obtaining land will be having a free trade zone.That is the core of the hard infrastructure.From there our industrial base can be formed.All of our goods and services will be produced from this zone.Jobs and our tax base established.We can create a first world standard of living and infrastructure as well as create opportunity for our people who want to become entrepreneurs and industrialist.It will let us choose the right investors who want to bring their companies to our shores.

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Talking Points Memo

A talking point for my brothers....................The detractors are going to say"How is BAIO so against corruption but wants to work with corrupt African states?"..........Answer.......The same way we worked with corrupt racist America to change it.....rebuttal........It is amazing how White people expect us to be so understanding in America and forgiving but expect us to take an AX TO OUR AFRICAN BROTHERS?SMH

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When a halving of oil prices left a gaping hole in Angola’s finances this year, it became clear sub-Saharan Africa’s third largest economy needed help fast – and President Jose Eduardo dos Santos knew exactly where to turn.

But the multi-billion dollar loans he signed with China last month have angered Angolans who say they have been left behind as politicians and China share the spoils and Africa’s second-largest oil producer becomes ever more reliant on Beijing.

China has lent Angola around $20 billion since a 27-year civil war ended in 2002, according to Reuters estimates.

Repayments are often paid with oil or funds go directly to Chinese construction firms that have built roads, hospitals, houses and railways across the southern African country.

This means, however, dollars don’t end up entering the real economy, increasing costs for ordinary Angolans.

“I think the president humiliates Angolans,” 35-year-old cook Marisa told Reuters as she bartered with a street trader over peanuts and bananas in the capital. “The agreements with China are a benefit for them and the president and not for us.”

Police visibility has increased in the streets of Luanda in response to public suspicion and dissent over how much the government would concede to Chinese interests in its bid to revive an economy hit by low crude prices.

More than a dozen people were arrested on June 20 for allegedly planning protests threatening “order and public security” in response to dos Santos’ China trip.

FLEC, a militant group that wants independence of the northern oil-rich exclave of Cabinda, demanded China repatriate all its citizens from the region within two months or risk being “severely punished”.

Angola has the best-funded military in sub-Saharan Africa and dissent is usually quelled quickly and ruthlessly, making any significant public backlash against the government unlikely, security experts say.


Apparently aware of unease at home, dos Santos, a Soviet-educated petroleum engineer who has been in charge for 36 years, kept the details of the latest deals secret and stressed the “cooperation” and “mutual benefits” from his Beijing visit.

Chinese Premier Xi Jinping hinted at a much more lopsided relationship, saying he had agreed to “assist” Angola, China’s largest supplier of crude after Saudi Arabia.

It is almost impossible to miss Beijing’s influence in Angola, from construction site signs in Chinese script to expensive Chinese restaurants and seedy “Asian-only” massage parlors in the capital’s alleyways.

Despite reservations from jobless Angolans, economists see China’s dominant role in Angola as necessary.

Angola, which relies on oil sales for 95 percent of foreign exchange revenues, slashed a third off its budget and said it would need to borrow $25 billion this year – $15 billion domestically and the rest abroad.

“Lower oil prices have put Angola in a bit of a pickle and the most obvious place to turn is China,” said Cobus de Hart, an analyst at NKC African Economics. “If China can help Angola get out of the fiscal hole then it could be a positive step.”

Despite this, many Angolans are distrustful of the relationship, pointing to the millions who still live on less than $2 a day and World Bank studies that rank the country 169 out of 175 countries in terms of income equality.

Beijing’s role in Africa has often been criticized by Western governments and some African leaders who call it neo-colonial – taking resources in return for infrastructure that supports China’s construction industry.


There are around 50 Chinese state companies and 400 private companies operating in Angola. They are supposed to use 30 percent Angolan labor but industry sources say this is rarely observed and Angolans tend to get the lowliest positions.

“Always the Chinese will be the master and the Angolan the helper,” said Paulo Nascimento, a 29-year-old Luanda taxi driver. “This is our country. We should be in charge.”

Chinese firms strongly deny accusations of exploitation, arguing that they have done more to rebuild Angola since the war than Western critics sitting on the sidelines.

“I think Angola does not have too much money so China is a very good choice for them,” Pascal Wang, 36, marketing manager at Chinese telecom company ZTE, told Reuters. “We don´t come here just to do business. We want to help Angolans.”

With the exception of investment from former colonial power Portugal and offshore oil drilling by U.S. and European oil majors, Western governments, donors and investors have focused their attention elsewhere in Africa.

There are signs this may be changing.

France’s AccorHotels, the world’s fourth-largest hotelier, sealed a deal last week with Angolan insurance and investment company AAA Activos to open 50 hotels by 2017. The deal coincided with a visit to Luanda by French President Francois Hollande.

The World Bank, meanwhile, agreed to $650 million in financial support this month, the first funding from the Washington-based lender since 2010.

Until the benefits of investment reach the masses rather than the elite, resentment against foreign investors and the government is likely to fester.

“We have always been slaves,” Nascimento said. “We are lost in the world. We are the leftovers.”

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I believe that a nation's fundamental goal is to promote good over evil.A nation is the collective people.Its common set of beliefs and values.A common purpose.Kwanzaa is a perfect ideology to build a nation around.Not to build a state but a people.The government represents the state.The state serves and protects the interest of the nation.Every nation needs a land(Stan)to protect its interest.The idea of democracy comes from majority rule.If the majority of people are not billionaires or millionaires,why then should laws bend towards the elite and the minority?.This is where a social contract comes in.The very rich and the very poor have to merge to form a middle class.From the middle class comes the bureaucracy,courts,labor,merchants,craftsmen,police,military,doctors,educators,civil servants,ect.The government protects the wealth and property of high achievers from envious,people,fraud,and character assassination.The Rule of Law must be established,so that everyone is equal before the law.

The Social Contract is a means of putting adverse opinions,ideas and nuances together for civility.It is the duty of the citizen to know his rights and to obey the law.It is the duty of those serving the public not to abuse the public trust.It is society through religion,culture,morays and norms that will decide the line between what is ethical and what is illegal.If very person swears allegiance to the Afrikstan,then they surrender any sovereign freedoms of individually, for the blessings of liberty justice,and the pursuit of happiness.Social Contract

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The Jasper Project generated about 1 million man-hours of paid work during construction, peaking at over 800 on-site construction jobs. South Africa has a goal of having 18 gigawatts of renewable energy by 2030, so projects like this are definitely steps in the right direction. If there’s one thing that South Africa has lots of, it’s sunlight!
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In 2015, Code Louisville decided to expand its training program to include high school students from Louisville’s predominately black Russell Neighborhood, so it created a pilot program called Code Louisville After School. Classes for the the program would be held at the city owned learning center in the Russell Neighborhood known as The Beech. Coding at the BeechIn 2005, The Beech was established within the Beecher Terrace housing projects to address the lack of adequate learning centers located in Louisville’s Russell Neighborhood.
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Could this happen to us in Afrikstan? Could this be our fate?94 billion in public debt?I could be if large numbers of socialist and entitlement minded people flood into our homeland.I government can create a social safety net and minimum standard of living,but it cannot guarantee a lifestyle nor should it.Things like family,social connections,luck,blessings,hard word,intelligence can elevate one's social position.Puerto Rico never produced businessmen,industrialist and a hard working labor force.Much of the island relied on US government programs like welfare,public housing,utility,and food vouchers.This is not sustainable.

We need hard working Black men and women building families and institutions.

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To all my fellow members of the BAIO:

I made this consensus data a few weeks ago and just completed my conclusions of the results. I would like your critique,input, and thoughts on this matter. If it has already been discussed then disregard but I would like to open up the forum on this and discuss how we can deal with getting the Africans that are African centered Progressives and advocate a focus on STEM mobilized and organized.  I chose the the column of 2.5% from the 2.5%-5% already discussed in videos from the group. I also added a column of .25% to represent a 5% of that 2.5% not from a pessimistic view point but a worst case scenario minimum population involved viewpoint.  Please review and give your thoughts


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