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In my enemy within series,I've pointed out that there were several kinds of people in Black America who are outright enemies of our people.In this series I point out the enemies among us because it is easy to point to a vague abstraction called the White Devil as the only enemy.This is because most of us know there are racist people and the history of what these people did to us.Slavery may be unforgivable so is losing our land,language,culture and sense of identity inwhich all free people pride themselves on.We as a people are neglected abused and marginalized no matter our income or social standing in America.But in spite of this it is only human to make due with what you have and try to seek some bit of happiness and escape from the maddening reality called life.Black America is no different.We want what other people want,money,power,recognition,respect happiness peace and continuity for our posterity.

The Black Afrikan Infrastructure Organization,believes that the collective endgame to our journey trials and tribulations in America is a nation of our own in Africa.Our Manifest Destiny should be self rule and self governance.Within the BAIO it is agreed that most of our people are not ready for this nor do we expect everyone to be on the next plane to Africa.We believe we should have a homeland that we invest in and support.This idea of having a homeland in Africa is nothing new.It has been in the African American consciousness for 400 year or since the first African were brought to America in chains.We respect people's right to be Americans if they want to be.All we ask is that you respect those of us who believe in nationhood.We do not engage in attacks on people who disagree with us unless provoked.We want to see our people happy.We dont judge people who serve in the military,engage with non Blacks in business friendships ect.We are a tolerant organization that is focused on getting our own land.

The Enemy Within..Misery Merchants..These are people who are hell bent on keeping confusion in the Black community because they are unhappy with themselves or how their lives turned out.To a Misery Merchant no Black person should be successful.When a Black person is successful they do their best to demonize that person.The Misery Merchants thrive on the Vague Abstraction called White Supremacy.This means anything they dont understand,want to take part in or dont like they will say either White Supremacy is behind it or will destroy it.We saw this with the bitcoin boom where brothers and sisters were doing well in bitcoin and crypto currency.The Misery Merchants attacked it saying its a fad and that Black folks lost their minds if they think they are going to get in on something White Supremacy controls.When bitcoin crashed last month notice how gleeful the Misery Merchants were?But now that Bitcoin and other crypto currencies are back up they are sad.The Misery Merchants dont want Black people to have any victories.They are losers and outright haters of our people.In 2008 when President Obama won the Presidency the Misery Merchants came out in full force attack Black America for giving Obama 97% of the vote.Black America was happy seeing that beautiful family in the White House.As a nationalist I was even happy seeing my people happy.We had people like Umar Johnsonand Tavis Smiley saying Black folks need to hold Obama accountable for their vote.I agree with that but what came next shocked me.These Misery Merchants were attacking Obama worst than the Tea Party.They were online day and night shaming Black folks for supporting his presidency.Not once did they attack the GOP.It was all about seeing Black folks happy.Now if they say America will always be racist and Obama cant do anything,then these same people should support nationhood right?Wrong,the same people will attack the BAIO and LIN Land Infrastructure and Nationhood because again it means a solution and accountablity.We raised the point about the richest Black man in the world is Nigerian Industrialist Aliko Dangote worth 24 billion and they tried to say he was an agent of imperialist and White supremacy.There are many examples of negativity not rooted in truth or constructive criticism by malicious dogma that we can predict even before they open their mouths.

The Misery Merchants attack the Black Panther movie and mock Black enthusiasm for the film..As you well know there has been this movement for the last 5 months to stop and destroy the Block Buster movie Black Panther.All attempts have failed as the movie is approaching one billion in box office sales breaking all records.The Misery Merchants hate Black Panther only because whatever they are doing in life isnt working out for them.They used the tired old theme of it was written by a White man,or White men financed it.Disney and Marvel are white owned companies.They do this while on Facebook Twitter Youtube which are all White own and gross 30 times what the Black Panther did.Their use of these platforms are making these platforms billions in ad revenue.The hipocrisy doesn't stop there.They without checking the facts didn't know that the entire production of Black Panther was done by Black people on the largest international scale in history.Black set designers from Africa and America.It was shot in Atlanta in a Black owned studio Tyler Perry and the largest budget given to the youngest director in history.213 million dollars.The film completely pushed the gangster culture off of the radar and has had a profound effect on young Africans and African Americans seeing such a positive image of themselves on the screen.Black people have spoken this is what we want more of.But the Misery Merchants are online shaming brow beating and attacking the very people they claim to love.They dont love us,they are enemies.They hate progress and happiness in our community.

“A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear.”

― Marcus Tullius Cicero

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Greetings Brothers, Sisters, BAIO Community,

My name is Jeremy, I am a young father and husband, and I am freshly "woke", so to speak. Now that I have ambitions towards unifying black people, I find it perplexing that we entertain discussions like "should we stay or should we go?" - though these should be had - yet, even during these convos, we admit to one missing ingredient: unity.

Black unity, at this point in time, seems "unobtainable", but I do not believe this to be true. I want to know how can we "unify" our people, and then decide from there what the road to nationhood looks like? 

My personal opinion is that we need to bring about a mass consciousness in our loosely strewn black community. We need to educate everyone, from young to old, so that we ALL understand terms and concepts like "infrastructure". Make it so that we ALL have a clear image of what the United States has done to us, and how there is little to no refuge for our people. How we can bring change, nationhood, and prosperity to OUR people. 

We need to present the problem, and make ALL of our people aware that, "yes, there is a problem".

We need to form up in solidarity, and make sure we all know what the goal is and how we'll accomplish it.


We need to not discriminate against our fellow brother or sister regardless of religion, sexual preference, class, level of education, mixed, not mixed, criminal background, gang affiliation, etc.

Even those of our brothers and sisters who are not with any movement whatsoever - leave them be, do not turn your nose up at them, and do not judge them and their lifestyle. We have enough enemies, let's not war with our own people because some of us are sociologically subconscious. 


Once we have established unity, then we can set our sights on land to call our own. For, without this we surely can not identify with a nationhood. 

I personally don't see ANY destination without a military. That's up for discussion, but I don't hold a preference for "here" nor "there", because everywhere desirable has been claimed by some nation or the other, and they have a military to retain control of their land. 

As far as infrastructure, I have yet to have planned any that I think to be ideal. Nationhood? Well damn, that's a few milestones ahead. 

Right now, I'm sitting on my balcony, about to smoke one last cigarette before I go to bed, so consider this concluded. 

Til next random blog!

Jeremy E. Hosch White 

AKA Yung Chubbz 

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Confederated Insular Nation-State


My name is Elaina Porter and I am a member of the American Institute of Human Rights. For the past three years we have studied international human rights,humanitarian, and law of war to address our issues. In October we created a confederated nation state. We have a right to establish a nation state here and on the continent if we wish. Israel is the model we can look at. The U.S. government is required to facilitate and provide resources for infrastructure and development because we are descendants of prisoners of a war that has never stopped. We are still under occupancy. 

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B.A.I.O Afrikan Pipeline....................

Hello ladies and gentlemen.This is Dwayne Makala aka Kalagenesis,and I want to take the time to tell you how honored we are that you chose to join us.Nationhood as our dream goal and vision requires only one thing.BLACK PEOPLE.This is the only movement that does not require endless validation from White America.It does not require some new law in America.It only requires will desire and determination of our people.With that being said,I will go even further.I doesn't even require large number of Black folks.It only requires serious dedicated people who will step up to leadership positions and do without being told.Taking initiative yourself.You know what a Nation state will require so organize do your research.Find out things and share them with the group.

We are moving to make this a reality.What will make this a smooth success is by building a BAIO Pipeline of skilled,connected,educated,innovative,creative and thoughtful people.Africa needs Scientists,Agriculturalist,Industrialist,Traders,import export,Logistics,Doctors,architects,engineers.A Pipeline will be a nationwide and global database of names listing people's professions.It will also use analytics metrics and establish benchmarks to push people into fields the host nation of the Afrikstan needs.This Pipeline cannot happen until we get the official greenlight to build this state.Then we can go to Black colleges,schools,businesses churches mosque and post what the Pipeline needs.This will eliminate people wasting time in un necessary course,and make us competitive with the Chinese and others in building Africa.

If anyone has ideas on how to build such a pipeline or are there programs and software please let us know.

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Afrikstan The Nation and the State harmonized


The Tao of nationhood is the harmony between the state and the nation.The nation is a people with a common heritage,culture,traditions,beliefs generally religion,customs and history.These bonds are forged over hundreds and in some cases thousands of years.Many people believe a nation is defined by geography.In my opinion that is not completely true.In Africa we have a continent tinkering on the abyss because nationhood was never addressed.In Nigeria there are thousands of ethnic minorities with their own culture who are marginalized by the three dominate tribes,the Hausa,Yoruba,Igbo,The British created Nigeria at the turn of the 20th century simply by drawing boundaries over dinner on a napkin.They gave the Hausa a dominate position and the most territory because it was assumed that they were the least progressive and modern.In Nigeria the territory of Biafra has called for a Biafra state led by Biafran Separatist.Biafrans have a legitimate claim to nation statehood.They were forced into a geopolitical entity created by the British general Lugard.Nigeria was a Protectoate business venture with a British governing administration.At the time the only Black/African ruled republic on the African continent was Liberia.When Nigeria became independent nationalism spurred on by Nigeria's size and the influence of Pan Africanism sweeping the continent,it decided to create a nation out of the many diverse tribes and languages.Since there was only one broadcast authority and English was the official language this was achievable.The problem is as people become more educated wealthy and refined they tend to lose traditional values,norms and habits.When this happens they begin searching for familiarity and similarities with like kind and minded people.This is happening all over the world.The biggest influence is social media.Social media is responsible for the rise of nationalism and the crumbling of the NWO Globalism.We saw it in Breixt.We are seeing it in English Cameroon.We are seeing it in Catalonia Spain.However there was a Basque Separatist movement in Spain for decades.

                                                                    What does this tell us?This tells us that states are fallible.They are not constant.The nation is constant and demands continuity.As long as people feel they are part of a nation the desire for statehood will always be with us.We live in a dangerous world right now.Sovereign borders governments are not respected equally.We saw a so called Black President undermine Col Ghadaffi leading to his demise.Now Libya a once beautiful but imperfect nation is a hell on Earth thanks to Hilary Clinton and President Barack Obama's dreamy eyed Citizen of the World Globalism and one world government policies.The idea of globalism,one world government has been around for over 300 years.This is what Imperialism was.I believe globalism,one language,one world culture,eventually one race is a farce that will lead to further decline of civilization.People are at their best when they assume nationalism based on race,common heritage and culture.

The Nation vs the State.....Are you a nation kind of person?Or are you more on the state side?The state is a definite geographic location with defined borders boundaries,jurisdiction sovereignty over that particular land.The state is governed by a body of laws and institutions.A state is protected by police,military,laws,courts, currency.Abraham Lincoln once said that a government of the people by the people for the people shall never perish from the Earth.One point Lincoln said that was overlooked was he was talking to a homogeneous White Anglo Saxon Prodestant population direct descendants of England.Lincoln was talking about the White nation and as long as the government in Washington represents their interest it has the right to exist.

The Afrikstan........An Afrikstan is an African American generally and African slave descendant nation state.It does not have to be completely independent so as long as it is on Africa soil.The state part can be a co governing arrangement with a host African country providing land and basic infrastructure.It is the duty of the people to bond build the spirit and resilience patriotism and pride in ones nation to sustain it.If a people are ignorant,lazy,unjust, wicked,immoral the nation will die and the state would have to play the dominant position even if it means martial law.But when the people decide to build families communities schools institutions,culture art science then the nation becomes strong and they assume dominance over the state.2042369?profile=original

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Agenda for Africa.

It has taken many radio shows,many debates from myself and members of the BAIO over the past several years,but I am proud to say our persistent vision of Nationhood in Africa is finally taken root.The Country of Angola has now launched the African Gold Bullion Bank in partnership with the South Korean government and the Rosenthall Group(TRG).Mr partner Mr Rosenthall would like to thank the BAIO Radio and the Kala Nation radio for spreading his message around the world.The right people connected with him spite of language and cultural barriers because we made the case for African American involvement in Africa's future.The Bullion Bank will fund Africa infrastructural development as well as make it possible for African diaspora people to build and settle in Angola.This has the backing of the Angolan government and the President of Angola.The BAIO will be a major part in facilitating the connection between Angola and the African American/African Diaspora slave descendants.

Mr Rosenthall's vision was received around the continent and soon all of Africa will be under one economic power house.But it was Angola that I was firm about and pushed until the right people and the right stars lined up.So the African Gold Bullion bank will be a game changer and a paradigm shift in African geopolitics.

Dwayne Makala

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This was sent to us by our partner and friend Mr Robert Rosenthall of the Rosenthall Group.The South Korean government is partnering with him and the government of Angola to building the Gold Bullion bank and to use it to leverage infrastructure cost in Africa.........

Mr. Kala Genesis our powerful Korean Team is supporting you beyond Talk Our Korean partners below

Engineering , Procurement & Construction Partners : - Aecom Engineering - Hyundai Engineering & Construction - Daewoo Engineering & Construction - SK Company – POSCO - SAMSUNG Engineering - LG Corporation

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Many Black people in America do not have a clue about why they feel oppressed or still subjugated by a system of White domination in America and the globe.The answer to this is one word...INFRASTRUCTURE.The Chinese,Japanese,Europeans,and most people have it and the Black race does not.Before I continue I will let you in on a secret.Africa is lacking infrastructure.This means it does not have the capacity to solve basic problems and challenges that should be easy in the modern world.Infrastructure requires still in the age of globalism states with competent governments and bureaucracies that maintain these systems.The more a country advances the more efficient its infrastructure develops.

In Ancient times...Infrastructure meant the difference between being an empire and a power or being conquered and enslaved.All of the great civilizations had well developed trading post,roads,security,storage,communications,laws and treaties.The annexation of territory also meant the control over the infrastructure of the annexed land.Such control meant the people were dependent on the imperial force for the basic things of life.Infrastructure suffered when wars happened or people were forced to uproot.

The Modern Republic...Sought to end the problems of infrastructure by defining a nation to a specific territorial boundary called a state.Inside that state a government of the people would solve the problems of water,sewage,roads,postal,taxes,communications,laws,police,schools ect.The republic also protected its overseas holdings through treaties and diplomacy with other governments.Modern navies were created to protect the maritime infrastructure of Western Nations during the mercantile era.Ships sailed in synchronized order with a manifest backed up by laws of the high seas and prospective governments.Infrastructure also allows for banking and transfer of payments without hassle through a systematic process.This led to the Industrial Revolution in the 18th century and early 19th century.Through infrastructure modern nation states were built.


:the underlying foundation or basic framework (as of a system or organization)
:the permanent installations required for military purposes
:the system of public works of a country, state, or region
:the resources (as personnel, buildings, or equipment) required for an activity

When I opened with the statement that there is no real Black infrastructure on Earth this is what I am saying.Infrastructure allows a state to be totally self sustaining without the help of another country.A state should be able to enforce its own laws and meet out justice in its own courts.A state should be able to feed its own population or trade in equal value food for goods produced in that state.Japan does not grow all of its food but it has a highly developed industrial capacity.It does not produce raw materials but its economy is structured around trade and export.It processes raw materials into finished capital goods to trade for things it needs such as oil,wood,wheat,cotton.Without a government and a system in place its economy would collapse.Nigeria has oil,it has forest,it has gold,it has the richest fishing grounds off its coast but it does not refine oil to gasoline.Nor does it produce enough fish or rice for its huge domestic market.Why is this?For one the railways,roads and electrical grid is in poor condition.Corrupt governments spend the money meant on infrastructure lavishly and projects get abandoned half way.This is the case throughout Africa.Part of having infrastructure is to maintain it.Poor infrastructure cost Africa 200 billion a year in lost productivity.Poor infrastructure is the reason that so  many young Africans  are risking the high seas to get to Europe and Asia.


The Black Afrikan Infrastructure Organization is a geopolitical advocacy group.Our priority is capacity building by developing the African continent using the best minds of the African diaspora in partnership with host African states.We see a solution to our chronic problems in America by developing Africa.Our focus is on STEM.Along with modern business,industry.IT and cooperation across the Atlantic.

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Ten years ago when I first started publishing blogs for the vague and abstract called the Black Power movement,I was also caught up in symbols over substance.I said only a Kala Nation would survive.What I did not realize at the time,was that the Kala Nation was vague and abstract.As time went on I saw many people take to youtube and bloggershere with rhetoric about"revolution""banging on the beast""Black liberation".Social media has exposed something that many feared that was true....there is no real movement or leadership in Black America.This is because we as a people are still under a slave mentality system that renders us as a permanent oppressed people,at the mercy and whim of a well established powerful White majority.White America plays into our so called struggle like its a game.Arguing for"equality"social justice.Fighting against"White privilege"all of these are vague and abstract things that keep self appointed community spokesmouths in business with no clear goals or accountability.It also is clear that the masses of Black people have no interest in solving problems,because they ignore solutions that may require hard work and responsibility.As long as it is agreed that we are living in a White supremacist system,nobody is to blame for the failures in our culture.Make no mistake the country is racist and we are marginalized.

Around 20 years ago I began studying nation building.When I say a nation,I am talking about a nation state...tangible material not the vague and abstract meaning we hear in many conscious circles.I studied how people liberate themselves and become respected.I studied history in and out.I studied that while our situation in America is unique because we are not on our indigenous soil,there are many things we can do and people we can look to as a model for success.The Jews faced persecution for centuries in Europe.Unlike us they could hide their Jewish identity in times of danger.No such luxury is afforded the African slave descendant in America.Still many Jews decided that in order to get out of the bondage of oppression and shame,they needed a movement and cause.The cause became known as Zionism.The establishment of a homeland in the ancient homeland of the Jews.What is the difference between the Jewish struggle and the Black struggle in America?Well the Jews can point to a land on the map as their safe haven in times of danger.They have a nation because they wanted a nation.They were serious about being free.

Garvey and the UNIA.I often see people wearing the RBG flags,now saying I rep the RBG.Now the goal of the Red Black and Green was to establish a homeland on African soil.But the Black man and women is using a vague and abstract symbol of the RBG.It no longer represents an African homeland.It is nothing more than gang or cultist colors.A flag that flies over no soil.People will attack others for not supporting their movements.Movements with no end game,no land,no infrastructure,no government.The same people have the nerve to attack others when they say leave me alone,I made peace with America.America is tangible.The American Dream may be vague and abstract but atleast the system here works.For most that is enough.In the future if the African Nationalist movement is going to be taken seriously as in Marcus Garvey's sway,then the goal must be a nation of our own.Anything less than that tangible is vague and abstract......The Writing is on the Wall..........Kalagenesis Culture Critic/Geopolitical Pundit.

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America is a sovereign republic.This means it has recognized dominion over specific land sea and air space.That control also means the laws of the republic supersede any agreement happening on its soil.The Black man in America does not control soil.Nations are built on the blood of ones enemies.No nation came into being without wars.The Black man in America had the chance to build a nation in Africa with Liberia but chose to identify with the White man's republic,even though it was clear he would never be treated as an equal here.Imagine if the Black man had colonized Africa in mass building modern states?Only a real enemy of Black people will say we had just as much right to America as White people.The same people are now complaining about racism.Black people were warned as far back as 1644 that America was their graveyard.The Back to Africa movement was not about quitting civilization and modernity as the detractors say,it was always about building a life and redeeming ourselves from bondage.It has come down to this.The people who are talking nation within a nation are the people who lack intelligence and confidence in our people.They still believe they need Massa to survive.The BAIO has laid out plans from A to Z and have answered all of the questions pertaining to nationhood.There is no more excuse.Either you want freedom and control over your destiny of not.

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Obama extends sanctions on Zimbabwe?

President Barack Obama has extended sanctions of then in 1994 former soldiers of the Zanu PF began the process of evicting White farmers from their homes and farms.Mugabe tried to stop it,but the winds were blowing in a different direction.Mugabe risked a civil war if he tried to stop the land seizures,so he decided in supporting land reform.The Whites were shocked and their sense of invincibility was gone.This was right around the time Namibia because independent and Mandela was becoming South Africa's president,denying the White racist in Zimbabwe allies in the region.

With the loss of South Africa,Botswana,Angola.Mozambique,Namibia,the White's dream of a Southern African homeland something like Australia came to an end.The British and French now operate through surrogates and proxy in the region.One of the ways is to discredit leaders of African nations.Angolan President Eduordo Dos Santos is facing the same unbalanced criticism.But note the very corrupt presidents of Cameroon,and EQ Guinea get almost no negative coverage in the Western media,if they are mentioned at all.Can you guest why?An African leader is bad when they are not serving the interest of White nations.

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Kaylan Sutton is a young African American educated woman living in Namibia with her Namibian husband and infant son.I have so much respect for her,because she is brave.Braver than most men I know.In the following video,I found out how much in common I had with her.She comes from a tight nit family like myself.She grew up in the suburbs like myself,working middle class background.Supposedly the American dream.I am finding out that most of the people that want out of America come from this segment of Black America.Using my our experience,I can only guess why.I think it is because when you leave the inner city at a young age,I left at age 8.Thrown into a majority White world,you feel isolated from what the world views as the Black experience....poverty,hardship,broken homes,welfare ect.There is a sense of survivors guilt.This makes you question the world you live in.Do I have to choose between living around people who do not accept me because of my race?Should I spend the rest of my life apologizing for being Black?

For many of us the answer was to live in a Black community filled people who looked like us.This is the reason many keep ties to their old neighborhoods and go back to visit.I was in the city as much as I could.As with my family.When we came back home to Upstate New York,it was like going from two different planets.Seeing the divisions among our people,we exaggerate racism,and overlook the problems in the Black community as a desperate attempt to fit in.A sense of belonging is what we crave.We see that White America is not the shining city on the hill,as we saw their insecurities,weaknesses,problems ect,that is covered up by the media.We ask why do so many Black people think moving to the suburbs is the answer or a step up.As we see more Whites moving to the inner city many Black people are moving to the suburbs.This was not the utopia we envisioned,because their still is no cultural cohesion to build a commuity around.

Since 2007 Black America has lost about 1/4 of its wealth.Most of it tied to real estate and high paying blue collar jobs.There are many African Americans that grew up middle class,that are now poor as adults.Should we continue to chase White people further into the belly of America?How can we build Black communities without social,economic,and political power?

SHOULD WE LEAVE AMERICA IF TRUMP WIN THE WHITE HOUSE?This is the question many are asking.The one question and answer is why would you go?Many are saying Canada.But Canada has well documented racial incidents.Some say Belize,Dubai,Thailand ect.Very few talk of Africa.This is because of the image of Africa in the Western media.Kaylan Sutton has made it her life's mission to showcase the good about moving to Africa.If you are frustrated with America,why not leave?I can never understand this.Mrs Sutton had opportunities as a broadcast journalist in America.She worked for MSNBC in Corporate America.Many of the people who hate America the most get violently offended when the idea of leaving America is put to them.So check out her video on why in 2016 she is saying what we both were saying as far back as the 90's,that America may not be the place and maybe its time to leave.

For some of us life in ‘Merica just doesn’t cut it.

In this reflection, I go into more detail about what led me to move abroad to Namibia and why life in America simply wasn’t enough. Watch my video below and be inspired!

 Kaylan Sutton publishes the blog African Americans in Africa

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What is the BAIO About?

BAIO is a Geopolitical organization of Afrikan American and Afrikan 

Diasporan victims, descendants and P.O.W's of the Trans-Atlantic Slave 

Trade scattered throughout the diaspora, living as 2nd and 3rd class 

citizens in foreign lands. Our condition is tied to the legacy of slavery 

and genocide of Afrikan people in North America and the Afrikan Diaspora.

BAIO along with some of the most powerful bloggers in Black America and 

the diaspora will make the case that it is time for landless sons and 

daughters of Mother Afrika to have self determination. We believe self 

determination means self rule and government. The only place this can 

happen is in Africa. It is time for us to move forward to our ancient home 


We are currently pursuing negotiations with African governments. This will 

require participation and brainstorming of our most educated, our 

intelligentsia, and our academic elite. We will organize our people for 

this mission. We want to create an non reversible situation as we send 

pioneers to the continent. Building settlements and proclaiming Afrikstan 

will be the enduring goal to our national salvation!

We are, unapologetic, Black Afrikan Nationalists and Afrikan Centered 


Nationalists have zero interest in "overturning the system" or being a 

militant, a subversive or an agitator within a sinking ship.

A Nationalist is a person who advocates political independence for a 

country or state. We have no desire to "make America great again" or 

establish a base of operations in the land of our historic enemies nor be 

surrounded by them.

The BAIO is not here to fix America's problems.

We want to establish an independent nation state of our own, on the 

continent of our ancestors, for the victims, descendants and P.O.W's of 

the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade scattered throughout the diaspora, living 

as 2nd and 3rd class citizens in foreign lands.

Those enclaves of stolen Black Afrikan people scattered across the 

diaspora and living as 2nd and 3rd class citizens will be transformed into 

successful and thriving satellite communities (no different than the China 

towns existing in American cities are satellite communities of China) once 

the nation state is established.

People always ask, "why are there no Afrika towns in America?"

Well, how can you have an "Afrika town" if you don't have an Afrika?

We at the BAIO (Black Afrika Infrastructure Organization) STRONGLY believe 

that Afrikan Americans and Afrikan Diasporans need to know what it is like 

to control a piece of territory from the bottom to the top and control 

policy on that piece of territory.

Until we do that we will always be at the mercy of the people that do. 

(See Flint, Michigan)

The BAIO is not a "Back to Afrika" movement.

The BAIO is moving forward to LAND, INFRASTRUCTURE & NATIONHOOD on the 

continent of our ancestors and our ancient home land.


Black Afrikan Power & Abibifahodie! 

Total Afrikan Liberation!

Black Afrikan Infrastructure Organization (BAIO) Social Network

BAIO's Blogtalkradio Channel

BAIO's Facebook Page

BAIO's YouTube Channel

BAIO's Twitter Page

BAIO's Google Plus Page


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Afrikstan.The Unifying Goal of the BAIO

The Black African Infrastructure Organization is a diverse body of individuals,that have come to a common conclusion of nationhood.This is what unifies us under this banner.We coined the term Afrikstan meaning a homeland in Africa for the descendants of the Maafa or Trans Atlantic Slave Holocaust.If anyone does not agree on this principle,they should not be part of the BAIO.This group is growing in influence and support.One day very soon we will launch our program.In the early stages we have to be careful about letting too much information out to the public.We have detractors that are trying to derail our efforts.We are looking for people with like mind.Everyone has a vision of what this nation should be like.And the exact location is being pondered.Nothing is concrete as of yet.This is going to take years of negotiations with our African brothers and sisters.We at BAIO believe that a nation or homeland on the continent is non negotiable.We will not be under the rule of former slave owners forever.We envision a modern first world nation/state.

My vision of an Afrikstan.....

My vision comes from my personal observation of our people and my value system.I believe in a democratic republic.I believe in strong families,communities,institutions,rule of law,pursuit of happiness,individual liberties.I believe in free and fair markets and that any investment,law,or policy must be for the overriding good of the people as well as the state.I believe only an educated people striving for oneness through a common heritage and common future will ensure continuity,and the future of the nation.To do this we have to know each other.Identifying as an African and acknowledging our ancestors and the blood that they lost is key to unifying a people.

My vision also sees a land where a person can pursue their dreams,but also has a patriotic duty to be law abiding,productive and hard working.I believe the state should create the policies that create opportunity for the people.And that officials and the state derive their authority and power from the people and their general welfare.We want people coming in the spirit of brotherhood not the spirit of divisiveness.This social network is a place where we can vet people and get to know one another.

An Afrikstan can be a city/state,enclave,state ect.The immediate governing must be from us in limited co governance with a host nation.This is done all over the world.The Afrikstan will give 200 million Africans in the West a presence on the world stage,as we are currently living under the domination of former slave masters.The Afrikstan will be a place where Pan African values will be written into law.A place where business,culture,entertainment,connections,between African Americans and Continental Africans can take place on equal terms...

What is your idea for an Afrikstan?What kind of nation do you envision?

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Nationhood is more than just territory.

What I mean is we know Africa is 12 million square miles.All of which were formed as geo political entities by Europeans.The current borders are only maintained to keep colonial influence in place.There are no real Black/Afrikan nationstates.African armies were never designed to fight external threats as real nation states.They are there only to suppress the population.Not speaking for BAIO but myself........I do  not respect the borders because I do not have any borders of my own.90% of Africa is unoccupied.If a land does not have infrastructure or people it is open for settlement.This is why we will compromise with a willing host government.There are some who know the benefit of having skilled educated hard working people settling in their proximity.God made the land not man.No one owns the land,it is what you can hold..Culture of a people,common history,heritage,language are the glue that keeps a nation together.Not some artificial boundary running through many adverse populations of people.

We at the BAIO think presenting ourselves to a host African nation as partners is the civilized thing to do.We will not back off of that.We want the right to govern ourselves,set our own agenda and bring the might of our intelligence to this new reality in Africa.Going someplace and not being able to advance because some people think we should continue a culture of powerlessness,but under African rule is insane.Africa will never develop until the slave trade is reversed and we have a state and representation in Africa.Asia is interconnected globally.Africans unfortunately abandoned real Pan Africanism for tribalism,ethnonationalism,and fiefdom. 

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The Gameplan

I posted this in a group earlier but i don't think anyone saw it so I'm repeating it here. I feel it is necessary to draw up a list of necessary goals that must be completed with an up to date timeline. As well as our common goal at the moment I feel it's necessary because if we aren't all able to focus on one goal as a group we can't use numbers/manpower to move our agenda forward in a reasonable time. Especially if alot of us are all working on our own projects of what individually think is helpful. I think it was minister dawud(sry if I'm wrong) who was saying that the more things you have to focus on the less efficient you can do any of them. Im not saying we shouldn't all be doing whatever we think can to help but we should all always know what our next step is as a group and always have a next step. I apologize if there already is such a thing but I haven't found it.
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The Battle is 360 Degrees

On the recent Blogtalk show w/Minister Dawud, the issue of security was the primary focus. Physical security is a must for any enterprise that involves the improvement of life for African people. History has shown that whenever African people wish to do good for themselves and their children, those who are bent on our destruction have used whatever tools they had available to make sure we stayed "in our place". This was done not only by physical force (lynching, police beatings, etc), but also by the exclusion of Africans from the education that would help us develop technology. In the 21st century, the world has become much smaller due to the advent of the Internet. Countries has based much of their economies on E-Commerce. Militaries train soldiers to wage cyber warfare to defend assets against hostile nations. Because of that, the industry of cyber security has skyrocketed and will continue to do so as more and more systems come online. Now that many of us have access to the global network, how many of us take advantage of its resources, especially free education?

As we build, rest assured we will be in the electronic crosshairs of those who only wish to see us fail. Who will defend our electronic frontier once it is established? How will they train? Where are the resources? Well, how about we start here?

Free Cybersecurity Training

and check the video playlist below.

Until next time...

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We Don't Need No Science

As a kid, I was a nerd. Yes, when the guys were out playing basketball, I was thinking about how to build a cybernetic dog. When they were chasing girls, I was trying to build a time machine using a clock (I knew nothing about quantum mechanics or Einstein's Theory of Relativity at the time). The point was that science played a large part in how I mentally developed and how I perceive the Universe. At the time, loving science was not a desired trait in the social circles of young Black children. That was tragic. Now, science and technology education is the most desired trait among those who are looking to hire for high paying jobs. Sadly, many of my generation missed the boat on that, but we shoooooo' knew how to dribble a ball and run a football while Becky and Biff went on to learn how science and technology come together to make sure that the economy that excluded  those of African descent grew and flourished. Now in the 21st century, we are seeing technology being used to make make those who have access to the glut of information out there go on the become millionaires and some billionaires. We must teach our youth that there really no such thing as nerd, but rather there are those who know how to "know", and use that to their benefit. 

We must not be afraid to tackle the "hard sciences", we have to expose our youth to advanced concepts. In our own land, this should be the standard. 

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Einstein's Field Equations for Beginners

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