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Greetings family,

I've been really busy lately and have some things to share. I have several businesses that I operate, but I'm REALLY proud of my latest venture! It's lovingly called MELANATED ENTITY, Inc. It is a boutique of sorts selling t-shirts, hats, bags, shoes, jewlery, crystals, books, dvds, music, herbal supplements, incense, soaps, and anything else that promotes a healthy positive melanated lifestyle. The space that I looked at today has ample room for meetings, lectures, and other functions. About 2800 sq ft. I'm still working on the website, but found a way to sell some items without stocking them.Melanated Entity

Here is the logo

While setting this up, I realized that it could be a way to raise money for BAIO since there is no upfront costs involved. But a bank account and EIN or SSN is necessary for set up. So it would be best to do it AFTER the EIN and bank account has been established. 

Please visit the site and place an order, it would help me out a lot! 

Peace & Infinite Blessings,

Tela "Lady SOULdja" Williams

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BAIO A-Z To be cont.......

A) BAIO Social Network........The meeting place to"socialize"nationalist and to cultivate members into BAIO Ideologies and plans.The social network is BAIO currently.The social network has a forum,blog,groups,chatroom,link to the donation button,photos,News,We need everyone contributing to adding content and information to the group.When members join, they should see a social network that is a sanctuary for nationalist, and those who believe in our just cause.The Social Network has six administrators.The administrators monitor content and member participation.The administration also enforces and removes offensive posts and comments on the social network.Anyone can create a group in BAIO as long as it is carrying out the mandate and policies of the BAIO.Each group must state its purpose and goals.Use these groups to build organizations inside of the BAIO Social Network.

B)BAIO Radio Network............The radio network is our outreach to the general public.The radio shows are NOT conference calls.No business or details should be discussed on the air.The radio shows will be open to any callers not just people who agree with our ideology.If a host cannot defend the concept of Land Infrastructure and Nationhood to anyone calling in,that person should not host shows.Just as the social network is where we draw members,the radio network is where we draw opposition to debate our Ideology.The radio show is also entertainment as well as information.Radio must be consistent in order to grow.Missing shows and keeping changing schedules will lose our audience.

C)BAIO Non Profit.............BAIO is striving to become an NGO.Once we become an NGO then we can build an ITC/Call center,Office have a President,Treasurer,Secretary Sargent at Arms as well as building the groups into branches of BAIO.THIS TAKES SERIOUS FUNDING.Funding from major donors that believe in our just cause.We are currently working on this,and by summer we hope to be incorporated with a 501.

D)BAIO Basecamp.........Basecamp will be the project management system for the BAIO.Basecamp is used by many businesses and organizations to create,manage and build projects.Its uses timetables,benchmarks,metrics,analytics,alerts,goal,ect.Basecamp is the most effective tool for building organizations.

E)BAIO Donations............Donations from everyone is important. This goes for Administration, both BAIO and its social network.Administrators must be contributing the minimum 10 dollar ,contribution per month as an example to others. To our valued members, your contributions gives you much say so in the building of this organization.Please take initiative and speak up and participate.This organization belongs to all of us, contributors and non contributors alike.

F)BAIO Blog and Social Media............Blogging and pushing your blog or someone else blog on to Facebook,Twitter,Linked in,Google helps spread the BAIO message.Please take the time to tweet and like as many blogs as you can.

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The whole basis for the Black Afrikan Infrastructure Organization LIN Land Infrastructure and Nationhood.On a micro scale you need land infrastructure and then you have a community,town,city,village.Ours is on a much grander scale.This blog is an attempt visualize the components of each pillar.

Land......Is the negotiating of territory on the African continent with a willing host African nation.Such land only needs between 3000-40,000 square miles of undeveloped land.

Infrastructure........Is the logistics and development of the land.The Hard Infrastructure are the roads,ports,powerlines,railways,communications,sewer and water treatment ect.The Soft Infrastructure are the Hospital and Medical networks,police,prisons,fire dept,the warehousing,transportation systems,waste management,schools,courts,institutions,governments.

Nationhood.....are the people working in conjunction to maintain the infrastructure,expand it.This forges unity,togetherness,cooperation,bonds,patriotism.

The Nation State will function as a safe haven for people of African descent wishing to build a free society of their own.

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From the beginning when so called human rights groups found out that Nicki Minaj was to perform in Angola,they tried to pressure her to cancel the event.The controversy is not grounded in facts about President Jose Dos Santos and his family.Anyone who studies Africa knows that if something is not completely broken,do not try to fix it.Angola has the fastest growing economy in Africa and the highest per capita income in Africa after South Africa and EQ Guinea.Angola is still recovering from 30 years of civil war and yes there is corruption,nepotism and lack of transparency.But I have heard many Angolans interviewed about this and said on camera this has to stop.The question I ask is why were they not killed if Dos Santos is such a brutal dictator?The fingering of the Angolan regime comes from a group of radicals that are funded by outsiders who want to overthrow the government.The fact that they are getting due process and face treason charges does not matter.When it comes to Africa one is allowed to challenge the state,because it is okay in the eyes of the West.When has the West ever not supported any rebel group in Africa? With even among countries they admitted were improving?The case was just like Libya where Western nations opened relations with the Ghaddafi Government,only to not resist the opportunity to help rag tags overthrow his regime.I for one am not saying radical change is not needed in Angola,but when I look at the massive infrastructure going on.The skyline of Luanda, Why are the Young Turks calling Dos Santos a brutal dictator without real on the ground fact findings? the capital,new railways,power grid,sewers,all financed by oil monies.Not the World Bank or IMF.I had an Angola official tell me that the US refused them a loan before they knew Angola had oil.Now the US is playing catch up in competing with China and the BRIC nations in the sub region.

                                                           Why the controversy over Nicki Minaj?Well it comes because of envy and fear of Dos Santos,his beautiful Daughter Isabella Santos who has holdings in Angola oil,media,telecommunications,IT,manufacturing,Banking,real estate ect making her an billionaire and the richest Black woman in the world.Angola also loaned its former oppressor and colonizer Portugal 32 billion dollars and Angola has a 5 billion dollar Sovereign Wealth Fund.Angola businessmen are buying up prime real estate in Europe and the world.While there is poverty.These can be overcome through more interaction with African Americans and events like what Nicki Minaj did.It must be also noted that the poor journalism and slander inwhich they blasted this as a fetish for Nicki Minaj from the President of Angola to view her butt.This shows the whole goal was to smear the image of Dos Santos another Black man with power the world will not accept.The event was actually done and a concert hall sponsored by the country's largest cell phone company as an promotion something like Budweiser Concert fest here.There is not evidence that the president even saw the event.   Note in this video the number of so called "impoverished"youths with IPHONE 6'S

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BAIO Member meet and greet blog

This is where we want to get a general consensus of who we are individually, where we come from, and also what experiences have we gone through. This will lead to us getting to know one another and lead to an environment where we are constantly bouncing ideas off one another.

So I will start off.......

I am Jonathan Hill. I currently reside in Tallahassee, Florida and a father of two beautiful twin daughters Gabrielle and Arielle and married to my beautiful wife Erica Hill. I was in the US Marines for five years and have experience in Business and currently at Florida State University obtaining a Master's Degree in Urban and regional planning. I will be graduating in the Spring of 2017 and will be working either in the private sector or in local government.  My long term goal is building a sustainable nation state on the continent of our ancestors for the descendants of the transatlantic slave trade ,

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Turn Key Cities are the future

Turn key cities are cities that come fully compact with all the basics and luxuries of modern living in a planned location.It seems this is popular in Asia and Africa.In America there is sprawl,growth and regentrification of older cities.This is because land is so expensive and over developed.In areas where there is no existing infrastructure or very little these independent communities are ideal.

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Organization of Emerging African States

I have often been asked where in Africa will we build a nation?You know- Negro Stall Tactics.One of the major problems is the lack of education of Africa among people who are supposed to be Pan Africanist.This includes the likes of Malcolm X and many others who threw their support behind the Neo Colonial new African puppet regimes in the so called independence era.The current boundaries still reflect the pattern of European domination over Africa.There is no consideration for minority tribes and their self determination as Europeans allies with powerful tribes to carve up the continent and bleed it to death.This is the root of all conflict in Africa.There is also no reconciliation of the millions of African descendant of the slave trade who may want to return to establish their own state or homeland on the continent as the same groups given sovereignty by their colonial Gods have an illegitimate claim on territory they cannot develop nor occupy.I believe a coming new order is happening,and that there will be no revolution until the land and boundary issue is solved that benefits Africans globally.

One organization BAIO is exploring is the Organization of Emerging African States.Here is a mission statement 


We are a new IGO dedicated to providing strategic services to the emerging nations of Africa and their citizens.

OEAS member states are united by one shared principle — they all seek self determination and believe self determination to be inevitable.

The colonial era borders of Africa must be shattered as an artifical construct of the 20th century. Just as the USSR dissolved, so too will the status quo in Africa which is propped up by economic and geopolitical interest inimical to the aspiration of Africans.

Africa is a paradox which illustrates and highlights neo-colonialism. Her earth is rich, yet the products that come from above and below the soil continue to enrich, not Africans predominantly, but groups and individuals who operate to Africa's impoverishment.
— Kwame Nkrumah

The Africa of today clings tenaciously to the 1885 Boundaries of the Congress of Berlin. Only when this colonial paradigm is broken will Africa be truly free to form itself into its actual constituent states and assume its status as a world power.

Message from the OEAS Secretary General

As a former political prisoner, I know better than most that the corrupt dictaters of Africa cannot be salvaged. Only through a radical solution can Africa be liberated from an endless cycle of exploitation and corruption. The key to freedom is in the map of Africa, tear down the colonial era boundaries and only then can Africa rebuild. Africans suffer under the political map of former colonial empires, all those who are in favor of the status quo in Africa stand in the way of progress and freedom.

Ebenezer Derek Mbongo Akwanga, Jr.
Founding Father and National Chairman of Southern Cameroons Youth League
Secretary General of the OEAS


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Feel Good Stunts. Black Friday Boycott.

For the last five years I have witnessed nothing but stunts,media attention whoring,grandstanding,pontificating and a bunch of stuff that does nothing.Now someone came up with the bird brain idea to boycott Black Friday.First I heard it was because Black Friday has something to do with slavery,then I hear it about protesting racism.Now the same people will take to Twitter,Facebook,Youtube and make these people even richer by just posting their ramblings.I feel Christmas shopping is stupid personally.But I have notice something we have losers and crazy people actually using this so called boycott to even persecute and attack other Black people.If they do not want to join in your ill conceived cause they do not have to.You boycott one day?WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT GOING TO DO?I DARE ANYONE TO CHALLENGE ME ON THIS,I WILL DESTROY YOU.NOTE THE THREATENING MEMES.AND YOU WANT ME TO BELIEVE YOU LOVE SO CALLED BLACK FOLK?FUCK YOU

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Paul Ryan is smarter than he lets on

I cant believe what I just heard.New House Speaker Paul Ryan is smarter than he seems.He just put that idiot Sean Hannity in his place.He basically told him fuck the angry anti Obamacare Tea Baggers to go to hell.He said he wanted to give them civic lessons on the function of government.In other words you cant have obstruction and mob rule just to satisfy people's whims.Democrats and Republicans work together.

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Shout out

Shout out to pur Brother Heru Ammen for his endeavors in Zambia and doing project management there. That experience is going to be great Brother and valuable to building our independent nation state.
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Our own holidays

This is something I wanted to share the other day and something for us to ponder.

The 11th of November, The United States celebrated Veterans Day. My wife wanted to take the girls out to the parade so I supported them and sat there as school bands mpassed, local ROTCs drilled by and people were dancing in the streets. Where I was at they even had people dressed in old confederrate uniforms commemorating those assholes. There were even quite a few whites who held confederrate flags. As I sat there I was thinking what will be our memorials, our holidays, our customs and events of Afrikstan. I personally look at my time in the Marine Corps as a good learn experience. I can at least take that knowledge and understand the depths of how we would have to train our men and women for combat.......if it ever would come to that. I honestly don't know how I felt when people were given my two little girls American flags to wave. Yes, America is where I live now and I don't say I completely detest everything American but I have already divorced from America in spirit and in my heart. I now have too much knowledge and to much insight on what America has done......on what America and the West is. I honestly don't even care about that anymore.....I just want the descendants of the transatlantic slave trade to have a nation of their own. Something to fight for something to live for and something to be a part of.  As said before OUR true Veterans have come and died fo r a cause that is not yet complete. I want to finish that. I want our Afrikan centered people in our new nation to move on, but never forget what was done to us here. I wanted tonpose the question to you all....on what are some of the holidays that we will be celebrating. I know we have the period of Kwanzaa and all of that but I was thinking since we are starting a new nation and we are having a fresh plate that why cant we incorporate collective memories to memorialize those that have fallen here. I was definitely thinking of Garvey,Malcolm, Khalid, and Dr. Amos on this day.

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TRG (USA) lands investment eye in Zimbabwe

UNITED States of America based international engineering company The Rosenthall Group Incorporation (TRG) has tabled plans to provide funding and technical assistance for economic development programmes in agriculture and mining sectors in Zimbabwe, an official has said. TRG works with Governments, NGOs and large private companies providing funding and technical assistance for humanitarian, agriculture/agribusiness, mining technology, housing programmes, hospitals and economic development programmes in African countries.
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The Million Man March anniversary which took place on October 10 2015,was another waste of a golden opportunity.It is becoming clear that there really isn't any real nationalist movement anymore.There never was.We have entertainers,fools,clowns,losers,angry winers ect.There are no Honorable men in Black America,not one.It seems everyone is out for their own agenda,money,women,fame and fortune.What I noticed was that I had it all wrong,Black people are not looking for salvation.They are just looking for a way to justify their miserable third class existence in America.As long as they believe the problem is with the so called WHITE MAN.They can use this straw man argument to point to all of their shortcomings.Is it any wonder why White America has not fear of us?Justice or Else?The or else came and he took boat loads of money this past weekend from gullible Negroes.The city of DC got a surge of business and cash from the thousands of Negroes and their"or else'.

It is time for the BAIO to take the reigns of leadership to guide our people to the promised land.LIN Land Infrastructure and Nationhood is the answer,if anyone is searching with the right questions.It seems Minister Farrakhan has gone over the the LGBT cause.This cause is against the Black traditional family.An institution that is vital to nation building.Notice it was the worst entertainers that promote the self destructive culture that was present in the march?Note the lesbian MGT of the Nation of Islam.Our community is finally waking up to the garbage that report to speak for us.

Black Faces of the "Homosexual Agenda" - Yesterday & TodayFrom Bayard Rustin to Al Sharpton to Minister Farrakhan to Gay-Z:Black Leaders' "Gay Agenda" Posing As a "Black Agenda"

Posted by Ayo Kimathi on 14 ඔක්තෝබර් 2015
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African Americans have always pondered nationhood.Since the first Africans were Westernized in the New World, many thought of returning to the native land to civilize it and end slavery and fighting White Supremacy.Unfortunately this ideology has never had the full support of the chosen by White Establishment Black leaders.Most educated Black people historically believed in race mixing as a solution to racism and violence.America was clearly established as a safe haven for White men.In 2015 in of Alabama,the same state where the Selma massacre took place,voter suppression is still going on.The Keep Your Eyes on the Prize of integration and assimilation is fading everyday.

The new prize is a nation of our own on our ancestral homeland.We at BAIO are the vanguards of the rebirth of the Back to Africa movement.This movement has been misrepresented by enemies of our liberation.The enemies arrest all of the advances of modern civilization and put the image of Africa as a jungle,uncivilized,backward,and the people who want to go to Africa are giving up on civilization.It was just the opposite as most Back to Africa people before the 1960's were Black missionaries and pioneers.They wanted to modernize the continent with new cities and infrastructure.They wanted to educate the natives and end colonialism and slavery.

New jewel from the Kalagenesis.Anyone can use it after me...........Short or immediate game is getting our skills,opening businesses,education,fighting racism,ect.Long or end game is nationhood.....Iti is like a finger pointing away to the moon,.........the moon meaning nationhood.......dont concentrate on the finger or you will miss all that Heavenly glory.............Kalagenesis

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