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What the founders of the #ADOS movement don't realize is that when they say, "Black people don't have no money!" they are unintentionally making the case for Black Nationalists and Afrikan Centered Progressives.
"Black people, like most others, are an exploited, colonized population whose wealth-generating capabilities are, just as these reports really say, for an elite who have nothing to do with Black people. Black wealth resides in elite white enclaves here and abroad while African America devolves economically, politically and in terms of healthcare, education (quality of and access to), police brutality and mass incarceration. And even within Black (and Latin) America 25% of the households have 90% of the wealth demonstrating a great divide within communities where Black median net worth is already apathetic and dangerously low $5,988 and $7,932 for Latin America compared to $88, 651 for whites. Black people have no money. We spend on credit and loans (none of which is considered for either of these studies) so as to project a “power” that we, in fact, are far from having. Rarely does anyone have in their pocket or account the $20,000 for a car or $30,000 (and way up) for one year of college. We take loans for these and other purchases which then count towards our “spending power.” The debt we fall into this way and others (i.e. credit cards) is counted as a “positive ” by those to whom our pockets are perpetually emptied. But this is not and can never be “power.”
If their position is that ADOS cannot have socio-economic or political control over the context of their reality here in America, let alone have a nation-state of their own on the Afrikan continent because they don't have the money or the resources to do so, how exactly do Reparations solve that fundamental problem?
I saw the so-called "Black Agenda" on the ADOS 101 website: and what it amounts to can be summed up with the final sentence of the agenda:
"Without these measures being instituted, ADOS are locked out of the country our ancestors built during chattel slavery. Without reforms through transformative government, we will be left to continue living a third world life in a first world country."
In other words, the entire Black Agenda on the ADOS website is an elaborate, long-winded, love letter to America begging to be included and represented in the American government and society at large.
The reason why I say ADOS is making the case for Black Nationalists and Afrikan Centered Progressives, who want their own nation-state on the continent of Afrika and socio-economic & political control over a piece of territory where we control policy, is that unless Black people form a government of their own reparations wouldn't solve the very thing ADOS are fighting for.
Reparations = Repairing a nation.
Reparations don't mean repairing individuals.
Minus an organized, tangible and concrete GOVERNING BODY that represents ADOS in America all reparations would be is a check for individuals that would go right back into the hands of White America.
On the other hand, if you had a governing body or government representing Black people then reparations would go to your government and be allocated towards purchasing
LAND (a piece of territory that we have socio-economic & political control, sovereignty, and create and control policy),
INFRASTRUCTURE (Building Hard Infrastructure & creating soft infrastructure would create both Blue Collar and White collar jobs and industries that would employ our nation's citizens)
and NATIONHOOD (whatever name we choose to call our territory, and that name would become our NATIONALITY and we would cease to define ourselves as ADOS and would instead be proud citizens of whatever the name we choose to call our land. Ex. if the land is called by the place holder name of Afrikstan then citizens would be called Afrikstani or Afrikstanese)
To sum it up and tie it into a nice little bow...
ADOS is a scattered group of individualists aligned by aesthetic similarities.
On a socio-economic & political level, ADOS doesn't exist in any tangible or concrete way, but mainly as a vague, ambiguous, abstraction.
Forming a governing body or government would make that vague, ambiguous, abstraction into a tangible, concrete reality with accountability and liability.
In other words, instead of referring to some vague, ambiguous and abstract WE, US & OUR we would actually be a tangible and concrete WE, US & OUR.
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If you had to create an Afrikan American Fund with these prerequisites:

1. Transparency - a live web counter of the funds in the account in real time, every transaction accounted for online, minutes of meetings posted, a detailed list of planned expenditures, purchases, investments, acquisitions, stocks, bonds, real estate, etc. 

2. Liability & Accountability - Names, Photos, Telephone numbers, email addresses & physical location of fund administrators and/or managers on the website

3. Domestic & International Banks - A Domestic Black Bank in America & An international Black Afrikan Bank on the continent to hold and transfer funds from one bank to another. 

What financial vehicle do you think would be the best infrastructure conducive to asking Black people to contribute on a monthly basis to an Afrikan American Fund?

Thank you in advance for your replies!


P.S. Here is an example of the type of website described above:

It's not exactly the same thing but in the same ballpark with a different context. 


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So guys & gals, I just came across this video on youtube. Are any of our admin familiar with or aware of this? I'm not sure if this is real or not but I think it's worth looking into if it hasn't been already. They have a website as well, which i'll drop the link for.

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Repatriation to Ghana

Here is a list of youtube channels, in which I get all my Ghana information from family!!!

1. searchforuhuru

2. bomani tyehimba

3. Natural Ghana Girl

4. The only way is ghana

5. Native Borne

6. Delilah's Treasure

7. Double A (building in ghana)

8. Dr. Harnet (Investment opportunities)

9. Eve's eye

10. Na_Ansah

11. Steven Sure

12. Vickie Remoe

13. Walter Ray

!4. Yaa Youngheart

15. Zoh Tv

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To my coffee drinker's

If you enjoy coffee please checkout "Sweet Unity Farms" coffee. Its organic and naturally sweet so you do not need little to no cream or sugar. Its the best coffee ive ever tasted and its BLACK OWNED. !!! SWEET UNITY FARMS COFFEE !!!

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The President of the Republic, João Manuel Gonçalves Lourenço, today signed a decree to introduce changes to the import regime for used cars, making the terms of the process more flexible, taking into account the current context of difficulties in the acquisition, road transport.

Thus, it is allowed to import used light truck equipment, with a maximum of 6 years from the date of the first registered registration, its manufacture or use.

It is also allowed to import heavy used road equipment, with a maximum of 10 years counted from the date of first registered registration, its manufacture or use.

In the preamble to the decree signed this Monday by the President of the Republic, it can be read that the measures adopted aim, inter alia, to facilitate the private purchase of passenger vehicles for personal use, putting an end to the restrictions that have been observed in the importation of equipment used, adapting the situation to the current economic situation and productive needs.

In the same document, the holder of the Executive Power defines that cars used for own use can be imported outside the limits of the first registered registration, their manufacture and years of use, among others, in the following cases:

Vehicles belonging to consular representations or international organizations accredited in the national territory;

Vehicles and engines intended to participate in sporting events, with the limitation that they may only run on the periods and itineraries defined for that purpose;

Vehicles which, by their value or use, can be classified as collection or exhibition items, according to a specific diploma;

Vehicles with more than 30 years of manufacture, imported for cultural purposes
Imported vehicles that have been donated to non-profit institutions duly recognized or acquired by inheritance.


O Presidente da República, João Manuel Gonçalves Lourenço, assinou hoje um decreto a introduzir alterações ao regime de importação de viaturas usadas, flexibilizando os termos do processo, tendo em5 conta o actual contexto de dificuldades nos domínios da aquisição, comércio e assistência técnica de equipamentos rodoviários.

Assim, é permitida a importação de equipamentos rodoviários ligeiros usados, com o máximo de 6 anos contados a partir da data da primeira matrícula averbada, do seu fabrico ou uso.

É igualmente permitida a importação de equipamentos rodoviários pesados usados, com o máximo de 10 anos contados a partir da data da primeira matrícula averbada, do seu fabrico ou uso.

No preâmbulo do decreto assinado esta 2ª feira pelo Presidente da República pode ler-se que as medidas adoptadas visam, entre outros fins, facilitar a aquisição particular de veículos utilitários de passageiros para uso pessoal, pondo fim às restrições que se vinham observando na importação de equipamentos rodoviários usados, adaptando-se a situação à actual conjuntura económica e necessidades produtivas.

No mesmo documento, o Titular do Poder Executivo define que podem ser importados veículos automóveis usados para uso próprio, fora dos limites da primeira matrícula averbada, do seu fabrico e anos de utilização, entre outros, nos seguintes casos:

Veículos pertencentes a representações consulares ou organizações internacionais acreditadas no território nacional;

Veículos e motores destinados a participar em provas desportivas, com a limitação de poderem circular apenas nos períodos e itinerários definidos para tal fim;

Veículos que, pelo seu valor ou uso, possam ser classificados como peças de colecção ou exibição, de acordo com diploma específico;

Veículos com mais de trinta anos de fabrico, importados para fins culturais

Veículos importados que tenham sido doados a instituições sem fins lucrativos devidamente reconhecidas, ou adquiridos por herança.

CASA CIVIL DO PRESIDENTE DA REPÚBLICA em Luanda, 18 de Junho de 2018

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How many BAIO Members are in your country?

Please click on the above link and join the BAIO Country chapter where you currently reside.

If a group hasn't been created for the country you reside in you can create it using this format:

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Just remember...YOU ARE NOT ALONE


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Sustainable Land Opportunity in Ghana

Brotha's and Sista's i am a young brotha (27 yrs old) from MN who will be buying land in Techiman, Ghana this summer 2018. My goal is to move their within 5 years all while building a recreation & sport facility near my home in ghana. I have a B,S in Recreation and Sport Facility Management. I am also 4 months away from a M,A in Sport Administration which will then allow me to be an Athletic/Activities Director for a university or high school. My goal for Africa is to take my expertise, knowledge, skills, and ability and help build our Nation and our People!!! Youtube (Benu Village) its near Techiman, Ghana

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Lets Try This Black Agenda Plan

A car is a device that transports persons from Point/A to Point/B. If point B is Self Determination and Freedom, then an appropriate device should be used.

like a good car, which has many parts, all parts must work together as a unit.  A good Black Agenda should be that Car.


When there is a Black AGENDA, it will look like this ....

1) There are about 1,200 majority Black Zip codes in America. (meaning African/Americans are make up over 50% of the population)

2) There should be a community owned and operated factory in each of those majority Black zip codes.

3) There should be a community owned and operated Credit Union in each of those Majority Black Zip Codes. (adoption of a chosen crypto-currency should be initiated to end monetary dependency on others)

4) Land acquisition and development for housing, agriculture, and commercial development should be spearheaded from those majority Black Zip codes.

5) Black Education and Training Agenda should be integrated with the development agenda. Demand will dictate skills needed. With emphasis on Building and Construction Trades, Agriculture, Health, and "STEM". (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math)

6) Black community residents in Majority Black Zip Codes should be encouraged to devise ideas and action plans on how to improve their communities and what goods and services can and should be provided.

7) There should be community owned and operated Supermarkets in each of the Majority Black Zip Codes. Trading with each other and with the continent of Africa which will translate into REAL PAN-AFRICANISM.

8) Investment in this Black Agenda should be designed to be INCLUSIVE. A system should be designed so that persons with just $1.00 and a good idea can participate.

9) ** Health and Wellness, and Security should never be ignored when engaging in responsible community 
development strategies. A network of Community Clinics in a minimum of 1000 zip codes offers tremendous potential as it relates providing information to network participants on the latest trends in healthcare and improving health and wellness. The potential also exists to create and independent health insurance cooperative if enough people can be inspired to participate.



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