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Agenda for Africa.

It has taken many radio shows,many debates from myself and members of the BAIO over the past several years,but I am proud to say our persistent vision of Nationhood in Africa is finally taken root.The Country of Angola has now launched the African Gold Bullion Bank in partnership with the South Korean government and the Rosenthall Group(TRG).Mr partner Mr Rosenthall would like to thank the BAIO Radio and the Kala Nation radio for spreading his message around the world.The right people connected with him spite of language and cultural barriers because we made the case for African American involvement in Africa's future.The Bullion Bank will fund Africa infrastructural development as well as make it possible for African diaspora people to build and settle in Angola.This has the backing of the Angolan government and the President of Angola.The BAIO will be a major part in facilitating the connection between Angola and the African American/African Diaspora slave descendants.

Mr Rosenthall's vision was received around the continent and soon all of Africa will be under one economic power house.But it was Angola that I was firm about and pushed until the right people and the right stars lined up.So the African Gold Bullion bank will be a game changer and a paradigm shift in African geopolitics.

Dwayne Makala

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Oftentimes detractors will use Asian Americans (Chinese in particular) as evidence enclaves of color are sustainable in America, thus evidence a socioeconomic apparatus in Africa is unnecessary. In reality, Chinatowns across the country are being gentrified and Asian Americans are really just glorified workers—rarely in leadership positions and vulnerable to discrimination—who happened to—virtue of many being immigrants and first generation citizens—maintain an emphasis on education (unlike American culture) and inadvertently benefit from stereotypes.


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This was sent to us by our partner and friend Mr Robert Rosenthall of the Rosenthall Group.The South Korean government is partnering with him and the government of Angola to building the Gold Bullion bank and to use it to leverage infrastructure cost in Africa.........

Mr. Kala Genesis our powerful Korean Team is supporting you beyond Talk Our Korean partners below

Engineering , Procurement & Construction Partners : - Aecom Engineering - Hyundai Engineering & Construction - Daewoo Engineering & Construction - SK Company – POSCO - SAMSUNG Engineering - LG Corporation

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Many Black people in America do not have a clue about why they feel oppressed or still subjugated by a system of White domination in America and the globe.The answer to this is one word...INFRASTRUCTURE.The Chinese,Japanese,Europeans,and most people have it and the Black race does not.Before I continue I will let you in on a secret.Africa is lacking infrastructure.This means it does not have the capacity to solve basic problems and challenges that should be easy in the modern world.Infrastructure requires still in the age of globalism states with competent governments and bureaucracies that maintain these systems.The more a country advances the more efficient its infrastructure develops.

In Ancient times...Infrastructure meant the difference between being an empire and a power or being conquered and enslaved.All of the great civilizations had well developed trading post,roads,security,storage,communications,laws and treaties.The annexation of territory also meant the control over the infrastructure of the annexed land.Such control meant the people were dependent on the imperial force for the basic things of life.Infrastructure suffered when wars happened or people were forced to uproot.

The Modern Republic...Sought to end the problems of infrastructure by defining a nation to a specific territorial boundary called a state.Inside that state a government of the people would solve the problems of water,sewage,roads,postal,taxes,communications,laws,police,schools ect.The republic also protected its overseas holdings through treaties and diplomacy with other governments.Modern navies were created to protect the maritime infrastructure of Western Nations during the mercantile era.Ships sailed in synchronized order with a manifest backed up by laws of the high seas and prospective governments.Infrastructure also allows for banking and transfer of payments without hassle through a systematic process.This led to the Industrial Revolution in the 18th century and early 19th century.Through infrastructure modern nation states were built.


:the underlying foundation or basic framework (as of a system or organization)
:the permanent installations required for military purposes
:the system of public works of a country, state, or region
:the resources (as personnel, buildings, or equipment) required for an activity

When I opened with the statement that there is no real Black infrastructure on Earth this is what I am saying.Infrastructure allows a state to be totally self sustaining without the help of another country.A state should be able to enforce its own laws and meet out justice in its own courts.A state should be able to feed its own population or trade in equal value food for goods produced in that state.Japan does not grow all of its food but it has a highly developed industrial capacity.It does not produce raw materials but its economy is structured around trade and export.It processes raw materials into finished capital goods to trade for things it needs such as oil,wood,wheat,cotton.Without a government and a system in place its economy would collapse.Nigeria has oil,it has forest,it has gold,it has the richest fishing grounds off its coast but it does not refine oil to gasoline.Nor does it produce enough fish or rice for its huge domestic market.Why is this?For one the railways,roads and electrical grid is in poor condition.Corrupt governments spend the money meant on infrastructure lavishly and projects get abandoned half way.This is the case throughout Africa.Part of having infrastructure is to maintain it.Poor infrastructure cost Africa 200 billion a year in lost productivity.Poor infrastructure is the reason that so  many young Africans  are risking the high seas to get to Europe and Asia.


The Black Afrikan Infrastructure Organization is a geopolitical advocacy group.Our priority is capacity building by developing the African continent using the best minds of the African diaspora in partnership with host African states.We see a solution to our chronic problems in America by developing Africa.Our focus is on STEM.Along with modern business,industry.IT and cooperation across the Atlantic.

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Ten years ago when I first started publishing blogs for the vague and abstract called the Black Power movement,I was also caught up in symbols over substance.I said only a Kala Nation would survive.What I did not realize at the time,was that the Kala Nation was vague and abstract.As time went on I saw many people take to youtube and bloggershere with rhetoric about"revolution""banging on the beast""Black liberation".Social media has exposed something that many feared that was true....there is no real movement or leadership in Black America.This is because we as a people are still under a slave mentality system that renders us as a permanent oppressed people,at the mercy and whim of a well established powerful White majority.White America plays into our so called struggle like its a game.Arguing for"equality"social justice.Fighting against"White privilege"all of these are vague and abstract things that keep self appointed community spokesmouths in business with no clear goals or accountability.It also is clear that the masses of Black people have no interest in solving problems,because they ignore solutions that may require hard work and responsibility.As long as it is agreed that we are living in a White supremacist system,nobody is to blame for the failures in our culture.Make no mistake the country is racist and we are marginalized.

Around 20 years ago I began studying nation building.When I say a nation,I am talking about a nation state...tangible material not the vague and abstract meaning we hear in many conscious circles.I studied how people liberate themselves and become respected.I studied history in and out.I studied that while our situation in America is unique because we are not on our indigenous soil,there are many things we can do and people we can look to as a model for success.The Jews faced persecution for centuries in Europe.Unlike us they could hide their Jewish identity in times of danger.No such luxury is afforded the African slave descendant in America.Still many Jews decided that in order to get out of the bondage of oppression and shame,they needed a movement and cause.The cause became known as Zionism.The establishment of a homeland in the ancient homeland of the Jews.What is the difference between the Jewish struggle and the Black struggle in America?Well the Jews can point to a land on the map as their safe haven in times of danger.They have a nation because they wanted a nation.They were serious about being free.

Garvey and the UNIA.I often see people wearing the RBG flags,now saying I rep the RBG.Now the goal of the Red Black and Green was to establish a homeland on African soil.But the Black man and women is using a vague and abstract symbol of the RBG.It no longer represents an African homeland.It is nothing more than gang or cultist colors.A flag that flies over no soil.People will attack others for not supporting their movements.Movements with no end game,no land,no infrastructure,no government.The same people have the nerve to attack others when they say leave me alone,I made peace with America.America is tangible.The American Dream may be vague and abstract but atleast the system here works.For most that is enough.In the future if the African Nationalist movement is going to be taken seriously as in Marcus Garvey's sway,then the goal must be a nation of our own.Anything less than that tangible is vague and abstract......The Writing is on the Wall..........Kalagenesis Culture Critic/Geopolitical Pundit.

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Whose land is this, really? Dakota Access Pipeline Protests                                                                                                                                     FROM SEA TO SHINNING SEA                                                                                             

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African Governance Report IV


This report explores the dynamics and effects of corruption in Africa, and how conventional reporting can be inadequate. Such inadequacies include naming and shaming of countries, that offer no solutions; the focus on African governments rather than including multinational corporations that benefit from and exacerbate their inefficiencies; and the vagaries of the meaning of corruption—and the role of biased sampling and cultural differences—though I believe a more general definition of corruption can apply: behavior that impedes the function of one's position. Corrective approaches can be summarized as increased transparency and accountability, civic education, and inclusive participation of its citizenry—the last of which can ward against the development of an underclass and the many subsequent tensions that are all too familiar [my input].

Any input on things I missed—or further input—are welcomed.

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Tech and Finance whitepaper

Its kind of a long read but it definitely talks about things relevant to the BAIO.

Would like to hear what everybody thinks about it.


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America is a sovereign republic.This means it has recognized dominion over specific land sea and air space.That control also means the laws of the republic supersede any agreement happening on its soil.The Black man in America does not control soil.Nations are built on the blood of ones enemies.No nation came into being without wars.The Black man in America had the chance to build a nation in Africa with Liberia but chose to identify with the White man's republic,even though it was clear he would never be treated as an equal here.Imagine if the Black man had colonized Africa in mass building modern states?Only a real enemy of Black people will say we had just as much right to America as White people.The same people are now complaining about racism.Black people were warned as far back as 1644 that America was their graveyard.The Back to Africa movement was not about quitting civilization and modernity as the detractors say,it was always about building a life and redeeming ourselves from bondage.It has come down to this.The people who are talking nation within a nation are the people who lack intelligence and confidence in our people.They still believe they need Massa to survive.The BAIO has laid out plans from A to Z and have answered all of the questions pertaining to nationhood.There is no more excuse.Either you want freedom and control over your destiny of not.

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